Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sugar Hit 2013: Baroque & Brown Sugar

Restaurant: Baroque Bistro
Address: 86 - 88 George St, Sydney 
Phone: 02 9241 4811

Milk jam bombe Alaska - Valrhona 'Dulcey' chocolate parfait, rhubarb, pistachio, meringue.

Sadly missing out on Baroque’s menu last time meant it was a must-go for 2013. This year’s let’s do dessert is the milk jam bombe Alaska with a twist - a thin layer of pistachio sponge topped with a velvety Valrhona ‘Dulcey’ chocolate parfait.

A toasted and fluffy marshallow-like meringue gave presentation points and so did the path of coconut and bread crumbs with fresh pistachio, rhubarb and verjuice.  The flame also gave it a wow factor. This beautiful dish won over our hearts and taste palettes.  Looking forward to 2014!

It happened all too fast ... :(



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Restaurant: Brown Sugar 
Address: 106 Curlewis St Bondi. Restaurant Bondi

Chocolate Fondant; Mulberry Sorbet; fresh mulberries; Passionfruit Jelly; Chocolate Truffle; Orange Sorbet; Pear
Hello Brown Sugar the new one of the Sugar Hit List! They are located near Bondi Beach, so when we saw it on the list this year, we were keen to go since we actually haven’t been to a sugar hit that’s not located in the city and we live relatively close to Bondi.

Luckily the waitress recommended that we should only order 2 to share amongst the 3 of us because the serving was quite generous. But Brown Sugar was nice enough to give us 3 glasses of Brown Brothers even though we only ordered 2 dessert J

oozing goodness!!
Obviously, we attacked the fondant first and that sexy chocolate sauce oozing out was absolutely DELICIOUS. The richness is balanced out by the mulberry sorbet next to it. The rich chocolate truffle was ginormous which helped to satisfy my chocolate craving!

Orange sorbet and Passionfruit Jelly were refreshingly good and they tasted as if we were actually eating the fruit.

I loved how all the flavours of the different element of this dessert balance out each other and this is why Brown Sugar is my favourite sugar hit for 2013 so far!


Brown Sugar on Urbanspoon


  1. Awesome sugar hit post Cee and Feli! Baroque always makes amazing desserts. oMG that chocolate sauce in the brown sugar choc fondant!

    1. I've heard great things about Baroque's dessert and also their maracons, must find time to try them one day! ahhhh thinking about that chocolate fondant makes me want to go there again :D

  2. Woah! Baroque’s dessert looks incredible!!! And I HEART a dessert that offers a variety of sweets on one plate. Good choice to choose Brown Sugar.

    1. Baroque's dessert looked and tasted incredible hehe. And yup gotta love a dessert that has so many elements on one plate!

  3. Whoa the flame part definitely looks awesome!


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