Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sugar Hit 2013: Shangri-La & Opera Bar

Restaurant: Shangri-La Lobby Lounge
Location: Ground Floor, 176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks

So sad, we were hoping to have the Lollipop cake at Intercon, but unfortunately we didn't book - the first time we decided to go with luck and not book! It just proves to us, that we were always on the right track, booking is essential.

Milk chocolate delice, passionfruit sampler consists of milk chocolate delice, passionfruit curd, grue cacaco crunch, salted caramel, roast hazelnut and honey thyme pear strawberries ‘n’ crème graffiti lollipop

Oh-so-pretty! But photos sure do make the desserts look bigger than it is.

The milk chocolate delice had so many layers I had no heart to break it! But a light tap with my fork and the thin crisp chocolate snapped, we were told it was hazelnut – but there was no BANGWHAM (thank you m'am) hazelnut on our palettes. It was subtle, however, as I kept eating – I felt like I was eating a hazelnut biscuit.

POP! The pearls sitting snuggly under the passionfruit curd was such an excitement with each spoonful. This was by far the favourite for Candice and Feli. The grue cacao crunch wasn’t as exciting as the pearls, but hey it all went together so well. Happy days! And only after all the photosnapping did I realize that my own didn’t come with a tiny spoon!! Feli asked the waiter for a spoon for our petite dessert and was given a tablespoon – if only it would fit in the tiny glass!

The lollipop was as we expected, sweet.  But it’s white chocolate, so I guess that’s pretty self-explanatory. But I did love the strawberries and cream inside. Takes me back to eating the artificial candy!

It was great experience, but not yet ultimate favourite sugar hit for 2013. I believe it could be hard to beat Brown Sugar and Baroque this year!

Until Next Time,

- Cass x

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Restaurant: Opera Bar
Location: Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House,

Opera Bar offers one of the best view of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. And now with daylight savings, it gets pretty crowded especially on a Friday night. We arrived there at around 6pm and were lucky enough to find a table inside the bar.

Raspberry and Pistachio Bombe Alaska with popping candy praline
I shared the sugar hit dessert with TR. Opera Bar’s Bombe Alaska doesn’t offer the WOW factor like Baroque, but it sure looked pretty at as it arrived to our table.

As we dug into the Bombe Alaska, TR said “Their pistachio gelato is really good”. I was confused as all I could taste was strawberry and the colour of the gelato was clearly pink. SURPRISE! There areTWO different flavoured gelato inside the smooth meringue!

Another surprise was the popping candy underneath the gelato with the pistachio cake layer and pistachio nuts – hehe I love it when popping candy gives my tongue that tingling feeling.

Opera Bar’s sugar hit is not as good as the other ones that we’ve been to. But if you want to have dessert with an iconic view then this is the place to be!



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