Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Grounds Alexandria

Café: The Grounds Alexandria
Location: 7A/2 Huntley St, Alexandria

Everyone has been here, everyone has tried this, everyone has heard about this! Yet … it just feels right that you, well, I blog about this.

I came here sometime last year only for a coffee, but seeing all the burgers come out – I have been dying to come back to try it.

Left: Chocolate milkshake $7.50
Right bottom: juices $7.00
I must say, they have the most DELICIOUS chocolate milkshakes … EVER!!! I am so in love with them, novelty bottles aside. It’s so nice and chocolate-y (… gosh, I can tell I am the best food blogger ever! Note: sarcasm). In saying that, they make it between a milkshake and a thick shake – that may perhaps be the selling point to me.

The Ground Burger $19.00
The Grounds Burger, has looked amazing to me from the get go. The chips on the side was just the cherry on top. It tasted great, everything was just mmmm …. But it held such a familiar taste at the same time… Until one said, “It tastes like a big mac.” Alas, here you have a GOURMET version of a big mac!!

A great atmosphere with people running in and out constantly, the table turn over is quick and snappy. Not to mention, while waiting you have the little farm outside to play with the infamous Kevin Bacon the piggie.

If you have not yet been or heard about it, be prepared to wait. We were rather lucky, we were told a 45-minute wait but managed to get in under 30 minutes.

A visit for their take away menu shall also be pencil-ed though… one day …

Until next time,

- Cass x


I went on a sunny day and of course it was packed! We were told that the wait is an hour and 15 minutes but because my friends really wanted to try out this famous place so we waited. We haven't seen each other for awhile, so it was a good time for catch up while strolling through the market, and Salt Meat Cheese.

Pan fried salmon with quinoa and broad bean salad $20
The salmon was slightly overcooked but I love the crispy salmon skin! The tangy sauce with the quinoa and broad bean made the dish very enjoyable. 

Chocolate Milkshake $7.50

The first time when I went to The Grounds, their chocolate milkshake was more like a thickshake (which I HEART). But the second time going there, the milkshake was only slightly thick :(



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  1. Wow! the both of you mentioned the shake. I wonder if Jess would agree with? I did love the juices (:

    1. The shake was the highlight for both of us! :) Was a shame that Feli's second one didn't deliver :(

  2. Take me there, Cass. It sounds delicious.

    1. jaz!!! :)
      Yes we shall go talk about the weather and all other mundane things there one day! ^^

  3. when i went to The Grounds, pretty much everyone around me ordered the burger. must try it next time...if i can be bothered getting up early and waiting in the queue >.<

    1. HAHA I must say, it could possibly be a tad over rated though.. like it's GOOD but maybe with all the awesome feedback you get... your expectations are high :) so don't expect too much from it :)
      but the queue really is a stopper for many to go ... must go at odd hours!

  4. Love the organic atmosphere! My favourite brunch spot!


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