Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chur Burger makes me purr ~

Restaurant: Chur Burger
Location: 48 Albion St, Surry Hills

Variety of spicy sauces to choose from
A lovely sunny spring day, my aunty calls me and asks whether I wanted to go lunch and a suggestion as to where as the not-so-little cousins were on school holidays.

Well, Chur has been very anticipated for a while now – so low and behold we found ourselves waiting for about 10 minutes before sitting on a bench. The little diner is buzzing with people on their lunch break. Looking at all the photos prior to coming, I must say I did think the burgers were slightly bigger…

Milo Milkshake, Strawberry milkshake & Salted caramel milkshake $5
Served in paper cups, comes our milkshakes! The milo milkshake is nothing “spectacular” would just be your average milo and milk – which was still very appetising for a nice warm day.

Pulled pork Chur bbq sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo $10
Pulled pork goodness!! Hello stringy bits of pork, you lovely thing!! I’m not much of a barbecue sauce fan, so the sweetness wasn’t a win. However, I simply lovely the crunch the red slaw had with the pork goodness, mixed with a lovely fennel mayo. Barbecue sauce perhaps was forgiven haha!

Crumbed fish fillet, pickled cucumber, lemon mayo dill $10
Just adding the other burgers for your eyes, as I didn’t get to try them …

Sweet potato fries $5
SWEET POTATO FRIES!! So soft and fluffy when you bite into the crisp exterior! It wasn’t crunchy, but I really enjoyed it thoroughly.

Coleslaw $5
We order a side of the coleslaw, unfortunately it wasn’t a winner… it didn’t have much dressing to offer us anything to wow over.


With the special designed by Ramen Raff, Feli and I were so eager to go try the pork belly burger that we … didn’t look at the opening hours enough and were merely (an understatement) over the moon knowing they opened for dinner.

So, just a heads up… Chur is closed on Sundays and NO DINNER ON MONDAY NIGHTS! We should have known, as parking was really easy to find on Monday, but a horror on Tuesday! (Yes, we went back the following day – that’s determination I tell you!)

Pork Belly with chilli glaze, apple celery slaw & aioli $10
The soft pork belly almost melts in your mouth, why almost? Because you’re offered that little bit of crackling, which you have to tackle as well – which is AH-MAZING! The apple celery slaw just gives you that freshness in the whole experience!

Oh! And a warning, be prepared for all those sauces to drip over your hands, but hey – that’s the goodness of burgers right?

Be sure to make your way down there before the week ends, as this goodness is only here until the 30th November!!

Well … until next time,

- Cassie x

Note: first visit, photo credits again to my beautiful aunt Dreamers Place

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  1. I'm gonna try and get my hands on that pork belly this Saturday!! Apple celery slaw mmmm

  2. Gorgeous photos :)
    I love the pork belly burger too! It's outta this world :)

    1. thank you!! it's all credits to my amazing aunt! :)
      ... wish they could keep the pork belly as a permanent on their menu! :(

  3. i had the pulled pork when i was there, amazing!

    1. mm~~ it was, wasn't it? :D
      do try to make it for the pork belly too! you wouldnt want to miss it! :D

  4. oh em gee i can't believe i still haven't been! i need to tick this one off my list real fast!

    1. I'd say "No way!" But there are plenty you've been to that I wish to tick off my list too! HAHA!
      But yes, if you want Raff's pork belly must be in this week also! :) Or we can only hope they'll bring it back :(

  5. Full points for persistence! lol. And Sydney needs way more sweet potato fries!

    1. HAHA!! Yes, it was discussed over our dinner on the Monday night, "so what are you doing tomorrow night?" hahaha!!

      but totally agree, we so need to feel like we are making a healthier choice for fries :P haha!

  6. so glad you tried raff's burger - its amazing! love the flavour combo. he's awesome!

    1. haha!! YES!! he is awesome indeed!!
      And he created such a delicious burger! :)

  7. So glad you got the chance to try out the pork belly burger :) I have been advised that my burger may return as a special again soon.

    1. OMG!! That is awesome! We will be watching the Chur place then!
      Especially when Candice missed out, she went on Saturday and they had sold out by 1pm!!

  8. change ur cover photo looks so cheap and tacky



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