Tuesday, November 12, 2013

House of Crabs!

Restaurant: House of crabs
Location: 305 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills
Ph: 02 9699 3177

Complimentary popcorn
The much anticipated HOC has finally arrived at the Norfolk Hotel and what better way to see my girls and get a good feed of seafood before I jet off (although I am currently typing this post en route Honolulu).

Octopus tacos $6 each
Starters we have the yummylicious octopus tacos! My goodness, these octy babies are out of the room with their in-house chipotle mayo. I would eat these tacos by the bucket…

Prawn roll $9 each
Their prawn roll slightly larger than your average slider served in a fluffy bun also packed with their in-house mayo makes it just as addictive.

Lobster fries $12
Lobster fries with bacon AND gravy AND cheese are totally shouting to block my arteries but who says no to gravy and fries!! Chorizo, blackbean and crab balls ($15) and the kale and broccoli salad balances it out by offering a good dose of green and vegs. The dressing on the salad perhaps could have been a little lighter but it was still finger-lickin’ good.

Kale and broccoli salad $16
Fried chicken ($18) in HOC wow wow wow! Crispier and with a lighter batter makes it the “healthier” alternative to your usual KFC and watermelon on the side too, yes please. Their thousand island and in-house Old Bay sauce (19 spices in this bad-ass Old Bay!) saw Cass and I double-triple-quadruple dipping our chicken in the sauces.

Fish Bowl Cocktail $25
Hurricane fishbowl cocktail serves two but heck we ordered 2 of these babies, after all when did we ever listen to the recommended serving size anyway…

Snow Crab $34 (served in a bag)
SNOW CRABS boiled and served in the no-other-sauce-than-Cajun sauce with their fatty crab meat makes this a winner for Felicia, as for not a big crab fan like Cass still managed to cave in and the Cajun aroma simply made me go high. Yep, we did walk out with exploding stomachs but make that a very satisfying one. Octy tacos – I will be back for you.


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  1. haha i totally want to drink the fish bowl by myself too

    1. haha you're more of a rebel than us - not wanting to share at all!

  2. Gah next time I'm definitely ordering the fried chicken! And how much fun is the crab?

    1. I say yes to that chicken! haha the crab is definitely not date-friendly though!

  3. food looks really good, reading so many posts on it! jealous!

    1. you know you have to go soon and please eat those tacos on my behalf too!

  4. Lobster Fries remind of those asian lobster chips! Though I'm sure they actually have no lobster in them.

    1. Haha, I agree but hey no real lobster but bacon, cheese and gravy will do just fine too!

  5. I thought cheese fries were the ultimate but in come the lobster fries...

  6. such a fun place - so glad something like this has hit our shores. sydney sure is taking it's time!


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