Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Address: Shop 2151 122 Lang Rd Moore Park Moore Park, NSW

Thanks to a purchased deal from Scoopon, I had a chance to try out RumFire which is located in Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter with my family. This restaurant is very spacious and I like the industrial feel interior design.

Crab Cake ball $12

We start our night off with these balls, they were yumyum! There should be 6 balls, but I ate one before I took a picture of it because I was too hungry :/

Cheese Gougère $8

These puffs unfortunately just look nice. It was dry and didn't really have a cheese flavour to it.

Vietnam Vegetable Roll
(Cabbage, carrot, daikon, balsamic caramel and olive oil) $15
I ordered this because it sounded interesting with balsamic and olive oil instead of the normal fish sauce. The flavours were interesting, although I prefer the traditional sauce more. The rolls were not freshly made so it was already split as they were served to us.

Salad of chicken and prawns (Sauteed in a wok served with bean sprouts, 
rocket salad, grapefruit, sesame seeds & wonton chips) $18
Hehe love the crunchy wonton chips, it reminds me of Hong Kong congee! I like the tanginess from the grapefruit.  

Paella Style saffron risotto (with clams, mussels,
green peas, squid, chorizo & pork belly) $28
The risotto/paella was too wet for my liking but the seafood was nice!

Linguine "Like a Bolognese" Tomato basil, seafood with
caviar & pecorino cheese $16
The aroma of the sauce was beautiful and it was definitely packed with appetizing flavours. It was quite cheap for the serving size too. 

Xamango Parmentier Pork Belly With Truffles,
meat jus & mashed potatoes $28
This was my fav dish of the night! Although you can't see it, but under that creamy bed of mash potato hides the succulent, melt in your mouth pork belly! Just thinking about it is making me drool.

Red Snapper a la Plancha $28
This was a bit bland compared to the delicious pork belly. I had to keep adding salt to the snapper.

Housemade ice cream $12
Omg. This ice cream was so smooth and creamy! I don't usually enjoy vanilla ice cream but I don't mind having it with brownies hehe. But this one, I could easily demolish this alone.

As you can tell from the dishes we ordered, RumFire smartly caters for a variety of nationalities. Because we went on a quiet night, the service was attentive and the food was served quick. I would come back for the pork belly and ice cream but I'm not sure about the other dishes. 


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  1. Hot damn!!!! That mashed potatoes wity pork belly dish does sound freakin amazing!

    1. It was so nice! the meat melts in your mouth just like your pork belly Chur Burger :D

  2. The pork belly sounds awesome,and lol I love that you couldn't resist a crab cake ball!

  3. haha sometimes I forget that I blog and start eating and then i'm like 'Oh crap!'

    1. i know right! and when taking the photo after, I hope no one notices that something is missing...

  4. pork belly with truffles? whoah sounds as good as it is gonna get!

    1. hehehe two beautiful ingredients put together makes my belly happy :)


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