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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sedap Malaysian – Movie Voucher Offer!

Restaurant: Sedap 
Location:  Westfield Eastgardens, Banks Avenue Food Court Precinct, 152 Bunnerong Rd
Eastgardens, NSW, 2036
Ph: 02 9344 6766

The new food court in Eastgardens has finally opened and just in time for Summer hangouts (btw I did spot a new froyo shop too!!)

Having fallen in love with Sedap’s ribs in Regents Place. I knew I had to take the fam bam to Sedap Eastgardens for a good dose of Malaysian.

Hot white coffee/barley & grass jelly drink $4 ea

Hot white coffee was Dad’s choice since he’s been a coffee lover and I managed to convince the bro to order my all-time favourite: barely and grass jelly drink. Order this on a hot summer day and you’ll be quite content. Nothing can beat the natural sweetness in barley.

Char kuey teow $12

CKT with chinese sausage was yummy! Somehow thought the serving was bigger at Regent’s Place but nevertheless, the taste was still just as good!

Nasi Goreng $13

Not quite your average nasi goreng – look at how little oil was used. It was quite bland without the chilli paste but since I’m experimenting my spice tolerance lately I’d thought I’ll give it a try and it sure was tasty but for the bro who can’t do chilli haha well, let’s just say luckily he had his barley drink!

Curry chicken $13.80

Where do I start!!? The chicken was marinated so well and soaked in tasty curry sauce made it all that softer (meat came off the bone easily) and all drumsticks meant there was no meat residue! mmm mm. I would have dunked anything in that curry!!

Horlicks spare ribs $18.80

Spare ribs baby!!! Unfortunately, Sedap Eastgardens didn’t have the ribs flavours that I wanted (Chef’s suggestions: Pai Kwai Wong and Guai Wei –order it when you’re at Regents and you won’t regret it!) Horlicks didn’t disappoint but the flavours weren’t as addictive as the Guai Wei and the rib bones were huge!! So it hardly had any meat on it :’(

Hoyts movie tickets

Westfeld Eastgardens is doing a promotion - spend over $50 at any of the new restaurants will score you two movie tickets at Hoyts Eastgardens (on the top level of Westfield). Not sure when the offer ends but I say get in there quick! Bondi Pizza, Ribs & Burgers and San Churro is also there!

P.S Also check out the froyo store at the end. After all, I did spot dulce de leche on those froyo DIY machines (:


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  1. mmmm love me some good CKT! I gotta try the ribs at the Regent Pl! Shame they didn't have the flavs u wanted at Eastgarden branch.

    1. Yep, I highly recommend CKT and those ribs! :D

  2. wahhh everyone has been to sedap! must tryit out soon!

    1. Yes babe,you have to do it and tell/show me what you order too

  3. i quite enjoyed my experience at sedap, esp their roast chicken. i know it sounds really boring but the skin was exceptionally crispy! will need to go back to try their ckt!

    1. Oooh roast chicken you say? I must try it when I go next time. Thanks for the suggestion :D

  4. Great to see that Eastgardens has undergone such a major fooding upgrade! And the movie ticket offer is pretty cool!

    1. Yep, absolutely a major food upgrade! Eastgardens is quite swanky now. Actually used the movie tickets with one of the foodie girls last night (: gotta love freebies hehe

  5. been seeing sedap branches popping up everywhere across sydney. eastgardens is too far for me to get to (unfortunately) but should try out the food at sedap one day especially the curry chicken :)

    1. Hi Annie, where about do you live? there have two branches in the city, one in Chatswood so no excuse to not try that curry chicken in the new year :D

  6. WoW! great a post and advice! Australian Movie voucher Hoyts, Village, Greater Union, Australian Movie Voucher, Movie Tickets

    1. Apologies for the late reply. This was definitely a good promotion hehe I'm hoping they will do another one this Christmas again *one can hope right* :D


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