Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Olde Bakehouse

Location: 6 Yambo Street, Morisset, Lake Macquarie

Went to dinner one weekend with the in-laws on the Central Coast. In the town of Morisset there is a nice Italian style restaurant just off the main road. The Olde Bakehouse as the name suggest - was an old bakehouse (bakery), this has been passed down through a few different hands and now newly renovated into a stylish Restaurant, specialising in Italian cuisine. On arrival the wait staff were very friendly, we were greeted by the owner Mario and our waitperson for the evening Jess. Our waitress was very helpful giving us the evening specials and also answering any questions we had in regards to the menu. We ordered our entrees and mains.

Garlic prawns $17
The interior of the restaurant was very lovely. Portraits and pictures were hung up on the walls, lighting was dim and created a nice atmosphere and the lighting features were very nice. 

Salt and Pepper Calamari $15
The restaurant did not remove any of the stove ovens which were used in the original building for baking goods. So there is 2 massive baking ovens with utensils on either side of the room. I thought this was a very creative theme for a restaurant and probably by no other owner has removed these as of yet.
Prawns and Chorizo $15
Our starters were Pene, Garlic prawns, salt and pepper Calamari, Prawns and Chorizo. Once all the dishes arrived the Garlic prawns gave off a wonderful smell. 

Everything tasted delicious and the Garlic prawns and the Prawns and Chorizo dish were the ones to stand out.

Grilled Steak $24
Now onto the mains, I had ordered a whole snapper, large lamb shank for two and a T-bone steak, all of which was on the evenings special board. The lamb shank for two was humungous, it tasted delicious and succulent. 

The whole snapper looked amazing, I wasn’t expecting bones, as it was quite challenging to eat, but yummy none the less. All these dishes came with fresh roasted vegetables and herbed potato pieces.

We were so full, we could not do dessert. But this restaurant had delicious food. Mixed in with the decor and the vibe the restaurant portrays. This was a very satisfying meal and to top it off, a man started playing a guitar for the guests. 

Until next time,
Jess <3


  1. the whole snapper sounds great but woahh that steak!

  2. Seriously? That steak is sexy as.......I can taste the juices of it here. Looks like it was a fun night with plenty of comfort food.

  3. *cringes* at cover photo


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