Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen

Location: 21 Fountain Street, Alexandria
Phone: 02 9698 2939

A while ago, Candice, Feli and myself came to this hidden canteen. Beyond the other cafes and bakeries on the block, sits Bread and Circus.

A wait is expected, like most other cafes in Alexandria, but thankfully it wasn’t too long.

Parmesan not-so-scrambled-eggs $20
I had the scrambled eggs and it was so nice and fluffy! Completely enjoyed the eggs along with the bullet chilli. The sour dough was nicely toasted, I love it when I have some burnt parts – it offers a little more charcoal taste.

Grilled Haloumi $6
I saw the haloumi cheese and could not turn it down, so I did what I had to do – order it! Cooked just right, and filled my tummy just how I wanted it to.

Very peculiar waffles $16
Candice enjoyed her healthy waffles.

Until next time,

- Cassie x

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  1. lots of cafes have been popping up around that area in the last year or two. good to hear the wait wasn't too long though

  2. The grilled haloumi looks delish! Have been meaning to get here for ages - love the sound of their salads and their quirky dish names is cute

    1. mmm~~ cant go wrong with haloumi! :D
      but yes, the name dishes are creative

  3. wait whaa..t? healthy waffles?!?! hand them over now!

  4. Absolutely love haloumi cheese esp with a dash of lemon!


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