Tuesday, January 14, 2014

El Topo – Tackle their tacos now

Restaurant: El Topo
Location: Rooftop, Level 3, The Eastern Hotel, 500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction

Ph: 02 83835959

Cass, Feli , Mr T. and I decided to visit this hidden mole (El Topo stands for ‘The Mole’) on Valentine’s Day. That means the post is almost 8 months backlogged T__T
Do take advantage of these upcoming warmer months and grab a table outside but only if the weather can be more consistent/kind to us :’(

Mexican truffle and mushroom/ zucchini flower and quinoa quesadilla $15ea; Chile pork with roast pineapple; chicken tacos $6ea; chorizo with slow cooked egg and potato main $14

Quesadillas arrived at the table after almost everything else but the mushroom choice was worth the wait with all the salsa verde and flavours happening all at once. Tacos: my favourite hands on food, what is better than roast pineapple with pork and pollo – that’s right, absolutely nothing. Pineapple. makes. everything. yummy. If I were you, I’ll make that two Chile pork please.

The chorizo main was more a delicacy, so delicate that the 4 of us had no idea how to ‘share’ it. X___X. Chorizo was on the saltier side; the potato was luscious but lacked in quantity hehe – gimme more potato, kthxlove.

Feli’s mandatory drink on Humpday – cocktails are served with either tequila or mezcal . Advice: do choose wisely depending on the day of the week. No dinner is complete without a pork belly on the side $18. Way too salty for our liking but you do see the awesome crackling right? Mmm crackling

Smashed flan of coconut with chocolate hazelnut $15; strawberry paddlepops $4; pumpkin icecream sandwich $14 (icecreamwich is no longer on the menu, sorry foodies!)

There was a lot going on in the smashed flan but I’d have to say it was my favourite sweet that night. Paddlepops – strawberry taste lacked naturalness and why was it like an icypole than a paddlepop?
The icecreamwich was overrated but at least we had fun with its old school packaging – arrived in a red tin box and placed inside a brown paper bag *please take a moment and reminisce to your brown paper bags school years.

Ok, now go and get those tacos because your body needs tacos with pineapples and if you’re game enough don’t forget to order the roast crickets entrée… it all tastes fine until you get to those tiny, crunchy legs. Enjoy!


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  1. went to el topo last week. the tacos were so addictive. would definitely come back to try more dishes

    1. glad you agree with the tacos! look forward to hearing about the other dishes you try, perhaps...the crunchy crickets? :p

  2. the tacos look good and i agree with the pork belly declaration!

    1. pork belly on the menu means must-order! :D

  3. Haha cute idea with the brown paper lunch bag!

  4. oh they serve paddle pops for dessert! too cute!

    1. it most definitely is cute mmm thinking to get a Streets paddle pop now, just to reminisce


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