Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Narwee King's Garden

Restaurant: Narwee King’s Garden
Address: 49 Broad Arrow Road, Narwee NSW 2209
Phone: 02 9533 2779
Farewell to the King of Narwee
Jenny and Gary

This is a bitter-sweet post as I am writing this in the final 2 weeks of a local Chinese restaurant – King’s Garden, operated from 1980 in Kingsgrove (14 years) followed by Narwee (for another 19 years). My beloved Aunt Jenny and Uncle Gary have been running this restaurant for the last 34 years (as my aunt likes to say “Even longer than our marriage”. Note: they’ve been married for 31 years :’)

Ham and chicken roll
I would like the chance to say a big thank you here for the delicious Chinese food they have provided for us from both sides of the family – from the youngest one to our beloved grannies and grandpas (the Ha and Leung) from birthday parties to festival celebrations and most importantly, a shelter for us to hang out as family members where we can be as loud and messy as we want and not having to be kicked out. 
Salt and pepper squid
Gary and Jenny have decided to sell their restaurant as their 3 children have discovered their own career paths – unfortunately, none of them are in the hospitality field. But I personally think, this way my Aunt Jenny’s travel bug can be cured as they will live a semi-retired life whilst ticking off the cities on her travel list and experiencing what life has to offer outside the wall of the King’s Garden (hehe!)
CHEFS SUGGESTION: Boneless lemon chicken
CHEFS SUGGESTION: Grandma bean curd (Beef)
I look forward to the many food adventures that I will be able to go on with my own mum, gran and Aunt Jenny after King’s Garden close its door for the final time on the 1st of February, 2014 but I will also be saying farewell to my much-loved boneless lemon chicken and fried eggplant (this dish isn’t even on the menu!) However, with that said it is also happy tears as I know Jenny and Gary and the rest of their family have worked many late nights to run the restaurant and it is now their time to enjoy what they deserve – freedom and perhaps early retirement? :p
CHEFS SUGGESTION: Mongolian combination
CHEFS SUGGESTION: Heavenly prawns
 Allow yourself to salivate over the photos below whilst I cry happy tears
Deep fried ice-cream
Banana fritter
With love


  1. awww thats sad news! i was so torn when my local chinese restaurant closed as it held so much childhood memories!

    1. aww sad to hear about your one too :( hopefully you've found a replacement one now

  2. this is a beautiful post! it's amazing how some restaurants last for decades. best wishes to your aunt and uncle in their future endeavours!

    1. Aww thankyou for your kind words Annie (: . it is amazing how certain things can last for such a long time. 34 years is definitely not a short one!

  3. So sad to hear about this closure but I hope this means a long and happy retirement for your aunt and uncle! Time to get cruising! lol

    1. You got that right Helen! They were on a New Zealand cruise during the Christmas/NY period and Japan is now their next stop!


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