Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sydney Festival 2014

Dates: 9 – 26 January 2014

It’s so sad that this is drawing to an end already on Monday! From shows to food to the merchant store to the stone henge jumping castle to simple FUN for all ages! How I, well, us Next Stop: Food girls have only touched the icing on top of all this… and I mean it … we only managed to visit Messina!!

Milk chocolate gelato hot dog, served in a warm finger bun with essential condiments passionfruit 'mustard', raspberry 'ketchup' and buttercream 'mayo', and coconut 'onions' 

The Yeeeah Dawg was such a tease with the photos when Messina had posted it on their instagram! First thing I did was tag my girls, and that was settled. We just had to go. The warm bun encasing such a cold milk chocolate gelato, biting into it gave our gums a little frozen moment! I found the passionfruit and raspberry syrup a little overpowering over the other components. Only when biting the bottom by itself would I be inviting in the subtle coconut.

A baton of maple syrup gelato coated in pancake batter, deep fried & crispy - Dipped in plum sauce

BUT … THIS MESSINAWEINER! OMG! This is our second visit, because I was simply missing this so much. It’s just like a deep-fried ice cream, I could say “but only better “… but I’m not sure if I could make that call … yet. The chewy yet fried goodness of pancake batter with the soft melting ice cream was just heaven in my mouth! I don’t know why, but the first time we went the plum sauce was much nicer. It was a little too thick on our second run which made it a little too strong. But it was still good, just needed to know our new ratio of plum sauce to ice cream!

... just because life is too short ...

FAIRY FLOSS! Take me back to carnivals, theme parks and childhood! Freshly spun pink cotton candy on a stick! I didn’t read the description of this much, as our dear Candice chose this, all I knew was that I would get caramel fudge with my pink cloud!

Yuzu sorbet and salted caramel fudge spun in red fairy floss

So … low and behold the surprise we get when the fairy floss began to melt within our hands. “OH MY GOD, THERE’S A HIDDEN TREASURE INSIDE!” I was a little excited much to Candice’s dismay as she was hoping to steer away from some dairy that night. But I mean, c’mon why so surprised, we were at Messina … DUH! But believe me, she thoroughly enjoyed her Yuzu sorbet, which was much too sour for me! “MY CARAMEL FUDGE!” Candice was on her happy land after she got the end of her little treat.

But just a heads up, if you do get this. EAT QUICK, it melts SUPER fast. And perhaps walking and eating was a very poor choice. And another pointer, either have wet wipes or hand sanitiser OR be near a sink! Be sure that you’ll need to wash your hands …

So, have you guys been to the Sydney Festival this year and visited many more places than we have? Wish it could have lasted a little longer …

Until next time,

- Cassie x


  1. gotta love a good weiner! oh opps. I meant a messinaweiner :p

  2. Such fun! And the hidden surprise in the fairy floss is such a clever idea!

    1. I know right!! Makes the inner child in me even more giddy! :)

  3. Looks like you had heaps of fun in Hyde Park. Love the idea of how Messina made their own weiner! :P

    1. HAHA will always add in a bit of fun with our food adventures :)
      But I totally agree with you, their weiner was pretty darn good :P haha!


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