Tuesday, February 11, 2014

678 Korean BBQ: Where they cook for you ...

Restaurant: 678 Korean BBQ
Location: Level 1, 396 Pitt Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9267 7334

Kang Ho Dong, Korean comedian has opened his franchise restaurant here in Sydney, after opening several over in America. So it comes as no BIG surprise to see a life size cut out of the man himself standing right at the front door greeting you. Right behind him are framed autographed posters of various kpop artists, naturally.

Life size cut out of Kang Ho Dong
I don’t know about you when you go kbbq but for some reason I’m always bestowed with the oh-so-great-job of being the “cooker”. It isn’t much of a fun job, so believe me when Candice and Ms CL (totally just realised we have the same initials!) enlightened me, “When you go on Monday and Tuesday [the quieter nights], they COOK for you! AND the waiters are pretty cute…”

Well, you can guess there was no need for more words to persuade yours truly…

Since my trip to Seoul in 2012/2013 and my cousin’s hal-abeoji [grandfather] introduced me to cold spicy noodles, my life has somewhat changed … so, this was another factor that Candice had used to “persuade” me to come.

Chilled spicy buckwheat noodles with pickled skate $14
Unfortunately, I must say this isn’t the best that I’ve had. It did lack a little flavour; perhaps a little more kick on the spicy side would have satisfied me a just that touch more. I found it rather bland in many aspects.

Wagyu 6+ marinated boneless beef short rib $21

However I am aware that we came here for the kbbq, the fresh cuts of meat! Tender and marinated in ways in which makes me sing with joy, not that I can sing… 

Teaching you how to eat your meats ...
They even have a little piece of paper they give you to teach you the correct way, or perhaps the suggested ways to eat your meat. I would say that’s very considerate, if it was my first time, I would have no clue what to do looking at the lettuce leaves, kimchi, sauces and meat.

Prime fresh cut pork belly $19
I would probably just dip the meat in the sauce and nom away~

Egg soup - comes with kbbq order
As soon as the egg soup was placed on the table, the first thing the two girls said to me was, “This comes with the barbecue – you can’t order it.” I was a little confused as to why they needed to make such a statement. But when I tried it, was when I understood … they had foreseen me wanting to order more, it was so moreish. The egg was wobbly and seasoned to perfection, with just enough soup that warms your insides.

Wagyu 8+ marinated beef rib eye $23
Slabs of juicy meat, that almost melts in your mouth. Our Korean waitress cooking for us runs around constantly but remembers to come back every now and then to give our meat a turn, and cutting them into bite sized pieces.

Prime fresh cut pork belly $19
As you may all be aware, we are such insane pork lovers and when there is pork belly – we are so ready (that … was intentional … and lame)! Ms CL also seems to like her pork belly crisp, and it was just so conveniently the last thing the waitress decided to cook. So … Ms CL took over the stove and got her cook on! Crisp on the outside and soft and juicy inside – I squirmed with deeeee-light!

Cooking away ...
I must say, I did a sniff test of myself when we left … Yes, because after kbbq I always walk out smelling like what I just ate! All over my clothes, my hair, my … everything! And … I was impressed; I did not seem to find such a strong smell. Maybe it was because the exhaust was pulled so close to the meat whilst cooking that the smell did not really have “time” to escape onto me. Whatever the reason is, I’m happy!

Verdict on the cute waiters: Define cute…?

It was a very enjoyable meal at 678, and yes, it’s pretty freaking awesome to have someone cook for you! I may understand some people saying, “But don’t you go to kbbq for the enjoyment of cooking?” Perhaps, or perhaps I just like the enjoyment of it warming me up in winter …

So tell me, if you went to kbbq – food aside – is it for the cooking? The warmth? Or just because … why not?

Until next time,

- Cassie x

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  1. I haven't had a good KBBQ in ages - will make it my next winter stop (Y)

    1. Oh I am interested on your verdict to see how this would be rated ;)

  2. egg soup is and alway will be my love!

    1. I must admit, this was my first time trying egg soup and it is soon going to be my fav!! haha!

  3. eat ALL the meats!!! Can't go past pork belly at K Bbqs.

    1. I know right!! I sat down and didn't look at the menu, "PORK BELLY!!" haha!!

  4. That egg soup sounds awesome, and lol I know quite a few people who don't like the cooking aspect of Korean bbq!

    1. mm~~ it was my first time having the egg soup, and i enjoyed it thoroughly! :D
      OMG, i'm so happy to hear that, so im not alone in this!! ^^

  5. haven't been to KBBQ in so long. for me, i like anything involving beef. it's interesting having the waiters cooking for the customers especially if it's busy.

    1. Seems like it's time to pop by! :) I'm not sure if they cook during the busy days, like weekends though ...

  6. I love Korean BBQ! I've never had someone cook it for me though... But I'd definitely try it!


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