Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kepos Street Kitchen & Paramount Coffee Project

Restaurant: Kepos Street Kitchen
Address: 96 Kepos Street Redfern, NSW

We went to Kepos Street Kitchen on a rainy day and even with the bad weather, we had to wait for about half an hour for a table at 11am. 

Tunisian style seared yellow fin tuna, eggplant, tomato, cucumber,
egg, potato, harissa dressing $19

Their menu was extensive and it took me awhile to decide what to order. But the tuna salad caught my eye and boy was it good. The tuna was lightly seared and it just melts in my mouth, along with their appetizing dressing, I fell in love with it! At first I thought this salad won't be enough to fill me up, but the potato did the job.

Ksk churros, salted caramel $12

As we were waiting for our food, we couldn’t help but notice the happy faces of the tables around us who ordered churros. So despite being full, we HAD to try it :P That churros was crunchy outside and so fluffy inside. The salted caramel was perfectly balanced.

I was in heaven after brunch and it was definitely worth the wait. The staff were very friendly and needless to say, the quality of food was top notch. I can't wait till the next time I have brunch here, churros wait for meee!

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Restaurant: The Paramount Coffee Project
Address: 80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Again, another cafe that has a long brunch queue, we waited for around half an hour to have a table at noon. But.. how can I not try PCP when I have a thing towards soft shell crab and there are so many mouth watering pictures of the famous Po Boy on social media.

Crab Po Boy $18
One bite into it, I'm kicking myself for not coming here sooner! That crispy soft shell crab and delicious milk bun was amazingly good. Also, there's more than enough soft shell crab in that burger hehe. The tasty slaw makes this burger slightly healthier.


The Paramount Coffee Project on Urbanspoon


  1. Replies
    1. hehe me too :D should really pay another visit to KSK just for their churros

  2. been to PCP a couple of times but only for take away. gotta admit that the crab po boy was sooo delicious but very filling

    1. so lucky of you to be working near there to get takeaway! soft shell crab mmm :)

  3. That tuna looks awesome! Generous but fine slicing and the flavours must be bomb <3


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