Thursday, March 06, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Cake Bake and Sweets Show 2014

Location: Sydney Showground, Olympic Park
When: 21st March – 23rd March 2014

The cold and rainy days are upon us already! I don’t know about you guys, but whenever these gloomy days approach, my hands get all itchy to “get my bake oooon~”.

My fondest memories of baking would be sitting on the kitchen bench watching my mother get HER bake on. Watching her mix all the dry ingredients, and turning it into dough or a batter mixture. During all that time watching, the child in me was waiting dutifully for when my important job was up.

Oh-so-eager when she would be scraping the bowl clean into little baking tins, hoping she doesn’t get too clean with the bowl or else I would be completely hopeless! ALAS, my turn, I get to lick the bowl clean!

So, it is with my GREAT excitement to announce that we have a double pass to giveaway to one of you lucky readers!!

Let me get into some little details on how awesome this show is going to be, because we are so excited (totally an understatement) for when we go on Sunday, 23rd March 2014.

They’re going to have some pretty awesome baking stars from across the world come to demonstrate, entertain and blow your minds into the oven and back! So who are these peeps?

I mean, that’s just the icing on top! There’s so much more where we can watch creations and magic happen! Julia Taylor (Masterchef), Nancy Ho (The Great Australian Bake Off), Kylie Millar (Masterchef),  Anna Polyviou (head pastry chef at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney), and MORE!

I can sit and keep going, but you obviously want to know how to GET these beautiful tickets that are in our hands!! But seriously, remember to check out cake bake and sweets and also their facebook and/or twitter page for more information!


Simply comment below on YOUR fondest or warmest or funniest …  baking memory. Just anything that simply brings that silly, beautiful smile to your face, and we will put your name in a randomly selected draw to win these hot little passes!!

Giveaway ends: Tuesday, 11th March 2013 (COB)

Remember to like us on facebook AND follow us on twitter and instagram – because this will be where you find out WHO WINS! (If it tickles your fancy, you can add your twitter and instagram names too!)

I mean, who doesn’t like giveaways? We, Next Stop: Food girls are simply insane when it comes to giveaways! … Or maybe because the four of us are Asians, we will never know ;)

Good luck my dear readers!

May the odds be ever in your favour …

Until next time,

- Cassie x

Sponsored by Cake Bake and Sweets.


  1. When we had to make a cake quickly before we got to a party, we ended up having two teams in the family to see who could me the quickest and most presentable cake. Kitchen was a mess.

  2. Ill never forget the very first time my younger sister baked a cake by herself. It was a simple sponge and the look on her face as she pulled to piping hot cake out of the over was priceless....However, the rookie baker had baked the cake in a springform tin. Her look of delight quickly turned to that of sheer desperation as cake fell out of the tin into a crumbling mess on the floor. Safe to say she has never made that mistake again!!

  3. The first time I baked a strawberry shortcake was with four of my friends. Despite cooking in a tiny kitchen for for two people, we managed to assemble the cake, drenched in whipped cream and with strawberry stucked on in random places. Sure it was dry and looked like a prehistoric dinosaur with strawberry spikes, we still enjoyed it as we all had fun making the cake and smearing whipped cream on each other faces.

  4. I wanted to surprise my Mom and Dad with a cake when they got home from work, I think I was 12 or 13 and it was the very first time everrrrr that I attempted to made a cake by myself. Wellllll we didn't have "vegetable oil" like the recipe called for so I though, 'well how different can "olive oil" be from this??' so I used it. My cake was BEAUTIFUL and I was SO PROUD.............then, we bit into it. Bahahahaha YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! OMG my Mom was like 'what did you use in this??' so I showed her the oil....teehee

  5. when i was little i baked a sponge cake with my older brother to share with my family. we were working together so well through the entire process, with me reading the recipe and mixing while he added the ingredients.
    by the end we thought we had the perfect cake!
    but then it was time: tasting and judgement.
    everyone took a bite and almost immediately spat it right out.
    instead of putting 1 teaspoon of baking soda, we used 1 tablespoon...
    it was so salty! LOL ^^"
    it looked good though :P

  6. The first time I baked a proper cake was for my grandma's birthday. At the time me and my sister were craving for some cheesecakes, thus we decided upon making cheesecake. Like any normal first-timers, we used mr 'google' for help. Within minutes we got plenty of recipes options to choose from. After a long hard thinking, we picked the simplest recipe. We started working on it, following this 'ever' so simple recipe. However along the way, we probably lost track of the ingredients' measurements. At the end we decided to follow our 'instincts'. The thing is I am not a cake person, ive never baked cake n all, im more of the savoury food kind of person, with cake everything is unpredictable. Anyways we finished making it at the end, but we had to wait put it in the freezer overnight. God, the wait was just excruciating, I even had a dream about how the cheesecake would turn out. And I can safely say it was close to a nightmare.
    The next morning, me n my sis quickly went to the fridge to check on it. We took it out and decided to taste it first before we give it to our grandma.
    My dream certainly didnt make it easy for me to take a bite out of the cake, nonetheless we each took a bite.....
    *drum rolls'
    Lol I guess we had pretty good 'instincts'

  7. In primary school me and my best friend decided to bake cupcakes for the first time...maybe the photos on the recipe site were too deceiving or our baking skills just werent quite there yet at the time...which probably was the latter XD
    So we had everything prepared, food colouring for the icing and all that...but in the end we ended up with one fail batch, which was clearly not edible by the looks of it...and one very interesting batch. We had both blue and green coloured cupcakes because we couldnt figure out how to do the icing so we gave up and used the food colouring on the cupcake itself (Didnt want it to go to waste right XD) and used red strawberry jam as a replacement for the icing ... So yeah it turned out looking very strange..add on the fact that the shapes and sizes of each cupcake werent quite what a standard cupcake should look like LOL but for first time baking, it left quite an impression! We ate it happily and proudly but our families didnt seem as eager to try it haha~

  8. When i was little i wanted to bake cookies...
    Sooo, my mum had just mopped the floor...
    I put all the stuff in the mixer, but the dough became really soft and sticky which made it hard to handle. The dough had to be rested for 4 hours, so i tried taking the dough out and wrapping it.. but it got all over the freshly-mopped floor cause it was so sloppy.
    After that, the 4 hours were up, the recipe said to powder the benchtop with sugar so when i roll the dough on it, it would have a coating of sugar. I did that but the sugar went everywhere (as anyone but me would guess), and we had ants in the house for a week... yeah mum wasnt very happy..

  9. One time, when I was in high school, the school organised a cake competition. The theme was “wonders of the world”. So, my group and I decided to make a cake which resembeled the Taj Mahal as it is such a beautiful sight. All the members in my group have had cake baking experience, it’s just that we didn’t know how to make the actual shapes. So, by trial and error, we ended up finishing it just as the timer went. We were proud of what we had completed. But as the judges came around to look at our cake, they gasped in horror. What we had created wasn’t a Taj Mahal replica. Let’s just say.. it was quite the phallic symbol… so embarrassing LOL

  10. When I was a kid, I used to make mud cakes. No, not chocolate cakes. Literal mud cakes. Made out of mud. Being the naïve child I was, I used to believe that if you made something look like food, it was edible. So, I made my mud cake, and handed it to my dad and told him to eat it. Out of kindness, he put a portion of it in his mouth and said that it tasted good. I was so happy, so I went out of the room, only to hear him having a coughing fit.

  11. Baking cookies. Fond memories of Mum letting me lick the beaters. Of course, would've been nicer if she'd have turned off the mixer first!!!

  12. A couple of years ago, I was trying to get more practice decorating cakes, and was therefore making cakes for every birthday in my office of 23 people. For a February birthday, I made a lovely chocolate cake, iced and elaborately decorated in chocolate buttercream, with scroll work on the sides, roses, and fancy borders. As it was February, I figured it would be safer to leave the cake in the cool of my car, rather than have it sit in my warm office for 6 hours before serving. It was a sunny day, so of course, when I went out to retrieve the cake after lunch, all of the piped decorations had melted into a sticky mess. I managed to smooth everything out with a butter knife from the company kitchen and it tasted fine, but what a blow to my ego

  13. The fondest memory that I have that relates to baking was the time when my friends and I decided to making macarons. Not just any macarons, but the temptingly indulgent raspberry and chocolate macarons from the Zumbaron kit. Creatively designed, 'easy to follow' and delicious, obviously. However, the 'easy to follow' factor became questionable, as we fastidious novice bakers, despite reading instructions an infinite number of times, could easily dismiss something as small as 1/4 cup of water as 1 cup. Oh, the joy, when the meringe overflowed, the unexpected miniture biscuit shapes, only to discover AFTER that we poured too much water. Well, we couldn't stop laughing at our careless error, and since we perfected the chocolate filling, it wasn't that bad at all. Rather, the happiness that we produced from such flawed creation transformed into a cherished memory, full of warmth and joy on that rainy day.

  14. This was actually not too long ago.

    I made a massive french vanilla cheesecake for my friend's birthday, and it was my first time using gelatine. I had assumed that you just melt it with water, throw it in the batter and let it to set.

    Come aorund to my friend's birthday, all this pressure on me for making the cake ..

    When the cake was cut, someone commented " Why is there a plastic bag inside the cake " …… TURNS OUT, the gelatine DID NOT mix properly so there was a "clear jelly" part in the middle of my cake .

    AND even worse …. there was a spoon at the bottom on the cake tin. No idea how it got there … but yeah :'(

    Saddest .. and most 'fondest' baking memory I shall say :(

  15. I figured that a treasured memory can only be expressed in poetry, so here goes :)

    Cakes and coffee, mother would serve
    Cakes in the oven, father holds his nerve
    Cakes presented, customers chomp through
    Their favourite muffin, of berries blue.

    Trays of cookies, a child's eyes glow
    One bite, two bites, oh he eats it so slow.
    The flavour, the crunch
    They're the best of the bunch!

    Smiling fondly, father asked
    Are they delicious like you had tasked?
    Father worked hard to give them life
    Went through hardship and great strife.

    Yes daddy, yes daddy, oh they're great
    They're so delicious there's nothing to hate!
    I want more, I want more!
    Tell me what else is there in store?

    We thought it could go on forever,
    Never ever said never.
    But alas, in end it all stops,
    The bubble of dream, well it pops.

    No longer the smell, nor the taste
    In the end they've gone to waste.
    A pleasant memory, but no more
    Never again, to experience like before.

    The trays are gone, times have changed
    The kitchen aroma, now so estranged.
    The shop is sold,
    To an Viet couple I'm told.

    So no more fresh pastries to greet
    No father smiling despite searing heat.
    Nothing from mother, no more cake
    A shame, oh for god's sake.

    Those times may have gone
    But my memories strong
    For when I awake
    Like my parent's, I'll bake.

  16. Memories inspire, they are
    Elegant. They bring warmth and joy inside
    My soul. Memories are special, we treasure them.
    Ok, I'll tell you a special experience I had.
    Ready, here goes. I was eight when
    I first saw the oven. It's heat was intense, I was told to stay away. But
    Even then I saw, something beautiful was building inside. I had discovered the
    Sweetness, the spiritual passion, the seductive art of baking.

    1. It's an acrostic poem if nobody really realised. :)

  17. Baking is certainly something I will confess to have undervalued.
    I'm not a baker, I certainly have no intention to bake.
    But my father was a baker, and a damn good one at that. His kitchen still remains vivid in my imagination. Whether it be the quiet afternoons where frozen pastry had been shaped or the bustling vivacity of the night where workers ran around like madmen hurrying to ensure everything went to plan. The magic happened within that kitchen, and come morning, hundreds of cakes would line up across the table, some to be packaged and others to be displayed at the cafe front. One or two cakes, I might have had. Not bad, not bad. But I was quite sick of them to be honest; never really had a sweet tooth.
    "Oh my gosh, you have a cake store?" my friends would beam. "That is so awesome!"
    "Yeah, yeah," I would say. "Nothing so special."
    But then came the selling of the baking business. For so long, the kitchen had been my father's den, working away to melt other's taste buds. Now all that remains is a legacy, slowly worn away by the idiotic new owners. And all that's left is a bittersweet regret...
    It is only now, that I have come to realise the absolute privilege of where I was at. Of course, nothing can change now that the deed is done, but this has given me a newfound appreciation of the bakery. Now, the sweet sweet flavours, the aroma of the kitchen, my cheeky attempts to nick a slice from the back remain only in my head, in my memories. No more cakes for free, which in the end turned out to be a shame when I thought deeply about what was slowly saying goodbye. I guess the old adage is true; you never really appreciate something until you lose it. But I draw one silver lining from the severance of my connection with the cake store-it has truly allowed me to appreciate the beauty of what you have, and the enrichment of memories of what you don't have anymore.
    I may never have fancied too many cakes, but one thing I can tell you, I'll miss that place.

  18. It was a fateful day.
    An awesome idea hit me during a typical cooking class: I should create a rainbow cake! prepared immediately the main ingredients: a fruit for each colour. They would all each have their own layer, stacked, then baked all at once.
    Other things were prepared really quickly in this exhilarating moment (eg oil, sugar, flour). That would be my demise.
    Turns out I had mistaken my one cup of sugar for one cup of bicarbonate. The cake, which was meant to fit on a plate, was large enough to fill an entire garbage bag. The cake could still be eaten, but it's taste was extremely salty. The cooking teacher would then remember me as "the kid who made the abomination". It was that day I pledged to be an awesome cook, and that has brought me far.


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