Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mooberry: Neutral Bay

Cafe: Mooberry
Location: Shop 4, 162 Military Road, Neutral Bay

Froyo is popping everywhere like rabbits!! I remember when I first fell in love with froyo a few years ago and it was an out of the way ride to get some. I even watched one close down due to no business. Now, turn around and BOOM there you have a froyo store.

Nonetheless, last Thursday, Feli and I were standing on the busy street of Neutral Bay waiting for the grand opening to the newest addition to the Mooberry family. From Red carpet to white and purple balloons to vintage bicycles to last but not least a Porsche display.

A 3-storey high froyo store! Now, that’s interesting. The first floor is what you would expect – where you pick and choose your flavours. Up the flight of stairs behind the counter you’re welcomed to a sweet mezzanine that can fit a few tables and chairs and up another flight you get a cute little area for more seats.

Some savory food on offer for the night
Now down to business, what flavours of froyo does Mooberry offer?! Toppings?!

4 varieties for you to choose from: original, coconut, pomegranate and chocolate and an abundant of toppings for you.  Whether you would like to keep your sweet tooth to a more healthy level or maybe go a little naughty and add some confectionary (later referred to as naughties).

This night, I went all out – Chocolate with picnic and crumble. The chocolate I found a little overpowering and it was a little hard to get the actual yoghurt taste. But hey! For those starting to move into the froyo world, this may just be your cup of tea froyo.

Feli chose the pomegranate flavour, guess she wasn’t disappointed as she nommed it down in no time. She recalls it not being overly sweet, so I guess you can add some naughties in this one to … balance it out? I don’t know, whatever reason we tell ourselves to justify our balance in good vs bad…

OH! Another great highlight for the night! Instagram photo print outs #winning … so all you had to do was upload a photo and remember to add the hashtag to get your lovely photos printed automatically. #mooberryneutralbay

You know ... in case you missed the spam...
Whoever follows Feli, myself and Next Stop: Food instagrams – we apologise for the selfie spam you got … deeply apologise.

'cause we aint normal girls ...

BUT on a high note, who doesn’t love these little freebie moments of getting photos printed to take home and remember…? Or is this just a Next Stop: Food girl’s thing?

Until next time,

- Cassie x

Next Stop: Food was invited to the opening of Mooberry at Neutral Bay. All comments on this post are based on Next Stop: Food's own thoughts and opinions.
Thank you to Carlos for the invite

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  1. I'll be honest - I didn't actually expect MooBerry to open up another branch so quickly. In Neutral Bay, no less! Seeing the Instagram feed, I'm pretty astounded by how high profile the opening was.

    Hope its success is as fabulous.

    1. I never really thought about it, I guess I don't usually hang around the North side too often to really think that.. haha!
      But yes, there were A LOT of people.. I did think they may have invited more people than their shop could actually hold ...

  2. So many froyo places are opening left right and centre!

  3. the opening looks like so much fun. would have joined if it wasn't too far to get to and having work early the next morning

    1. It was fun with the many little nicks and nacks that were offered :D Just a little squishy haha but I guess that comes with the atmosphere too XD
      but aww ... it actually wasn't a late event ... we left around 8?
      It got too crowded


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