Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sofie's Greek: Greek Banquet and Sexy lady dancer

Location: UPSTAIRS, 386 Darling Street Balmain
Greek Salad
Celebrating another year as we have dinner for Cassie's Birthday. Cassie found this restraurant through the internet and it was a very memorable Greek food experience. On the streets of Balmain there is a stair case and beyond those stairs is Sofie's Greek Restaurant. Once we walked in we were greeted by Peter (the owner) himself and he sat us all down at our reserved table. Having looked at the menu online prior to going to the restaurant I was pretty keen for the banquet. 

Pita bread
Salt and pepper squid

For $48.00 we got all the below meals:
Horiatiki Salata  Greek salad, Trio of Dips w warm pita bread, Kolokythomarida  - whitebait & zucchini fritters Ouzo Aioli, Kotopita - chicken mince, dill, eschallots & feta wrapped in filo pasty w Skordalia, Calamari - Baby squid w Ouzo Aioli, Paphos Haloumi cheese pan fried w tomato & mint , Kleftiko - Slow roasted lamb shoulder w oregano vegetables, Souvlakia - BBQ'd chicken skewers & baked potatoes, DESSERT: Loukoumades hot Greek donuts w honey syrup & toasted seasoned nuts, Greek Coffee or Sage Tea
Zucchini Flowers
Chicken filo pasteries with garlic mash
The best part about the banquet was the restaurant catered to the amount of people we had. As we had 7 people, the servings all came as one for each person. Not like some restaurants we have been to before and  we had to split a tiny ball so everyone got a share. Peter was a very nice waiter/host and even catered to my seafood allergic boyfriend and substituted spinich and ricotta filo pastry for the calamari. 
haloumi cheese
The entire experience was absolutely delightful. The food was amazing and the service was spectacular. To start we had the entrees Greek Salad and Trio of dips, this was very very fresh. Following this was the Zucchini fritters , Chicken filo pastry and Calamari. The girls loved the haloumi and the roasted lamb was so succulent that the meat fell of the bone. Chicken Skewers were a nice finish to the entire meal, as it was light and easy to eat. Finally onto the dessert, it was freshly  made dougy balls drizzled with honey. These reminded me of honey chicken without the chicken. 
Lamb shoulder
Chicken kebabs

For drinks we chose a bottle of imported Greek Red and Peter then suggested to my boyfriend an imported Greek beer, funny enough this beer was called "Vergina". As for the birthday girl, we got her a scumptious cake from Kürtősh to end the night. The chosen cake was the Dobosh Torte - It was a seven layered sponge cake filled with Chocolate buttercream and a toffee glazed top. The Staff even added candles for us onto the cake and sung happy birthday to our dear Cassie. 
Greek donuts

Now I know I mentioned sexy lady dancer in the heading and unfortunetly the one Saturday we go for dinner she was unable to attend. I did speak to Peter prior and he mentioned that the lady dancer is there every Saturday night 9.30pm without fail. Peter even offered all of us a complimentary shot for the dancers absense. In a fancy shot glass he called this shot the "Blue Zorba", it contained Brown brothers orange muscat, lime juice and a tad of Zambucca. 
Sorry to disapoint with the lack of lady dancer photos, but I hope this gives you an incentive to go one Saturday night and see for yourself. Overall we had a great experience with Peter and Sohpie. Food was great and the service was very satisfying. I will definetly be going back again one day. I hope you have a great Birthday Cassie!
Until next time foodies!
<3 Jess
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