Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dainty Dumplings House: dainty and rainbow xiao long baos for our tum tums

Restaurant: Dainty Dumplings
Address: Shop 6/7 Rider Boulevard Avenue, Rhodes 
Ph: 0405 002 909 

Talk about perfect timing just when the girls were thinking to meet up for a hearty dumplings session – we receive a fan email and lunch invitation from the gorgeous Jessica (girlfriend of the busy businessman Marko, owner and founder of Dainty Dumplings House and Meeting Point)  

Located directly opposite to the Rhodes train station are stacks of swanky new apartments followed by newly open restaurants on the ground level of the complex – one of them being Dainty Dumplings House. 

We start things off lightly with a hot cuppa tea and hot soy milk but boy, we sure got a good dose of Chinese food for a Sunday lunch. [[Warning: Food Spam Alert]] 

Prawn spring rolls $6.80 

A classic warm drink to an overcast Winter’s day is soy milk followed by prawn spring rolls but to make it legendary… Dainty decides to add cheese, let’s just say this became legen…dairy!! (sorry, I couldn’t resist teehee) And you know what – you shouldn’t resist this yummy entrĂ©e either. A light and crunchy number with prawn and cheese innards YES, PLEASE! 

Dainty signature 5 flower dumplings $8.80 

OH MY! Just look at how clear these special dumplings are. So transparent that you can distinguish which meat filling is which. Beef, tomato chicken, chestnut prawn, spinach pork and peking duck! C’mon on! You’re spoiled with choices here, opps and so were we! :D this dumpling dish is sure to satisfy any meat lover as the dumplings skin is so soft  - it almost melts in your mouth mmm… 

Spicy shrimp & pork wonton $5.80 

Food just kept on coming - so here we are with our shrimp and pork wonton with their inhouse chilli sauce. Jess and I aren’t huge fans of spice but boy did I want to take that sauce home (Dainty’s Jessica was telling us about how customers had asked whether they could purchase the chilli sauce for home use) ... guess what, so do I and I don’t even like chilli! Get your hands on this shrimp and pork wonton as it easily slides into the tummy and easily satisfies BUT in order to reach maximum satisfaction level, DO NOT SHARE! mwuahaha 

Peking duck roti with cucumber and hoisin sauce $12.80  

Roti totally makes my world go round and round ~ lalala. Jessica had kindly asked the kitchen to make these awesome roti dishes for us as roti dishes are not made available during lunch, strictly limited to dinner only. So here we are indulging ourselves to rotis – peking duck and pork floss fillings! Oh my!! I never even knew peking duck pancake filling could be done in a roti hehe my mind was blown away or should I say my pancake was blown away hehe 

Matched with another inhouse sauce is their less salty than the commericalised hoi sin sauce – yep, I also wanted to take this sauce home too! Roti was fresh, light and fluffy filled with generous duck pieces made this dish so peking awesome! 

Chinese roti with pork floss $8.80 

Pork floss was a winner too and hey, who doesn’t like a good dose of pork floss from time to time. So simply but yet always so tasty especially matched with a freshly made plate of roti. Hehe so flossy heavenly too 

Dainty Signature 7 colour xiao long baos $9.80 

Dainty signature panda buns $6.80 
Now, for the highlights of the day – let me present to you xiao long baos in colours of the rainbow and panda buns that can definitely match those piggy buns in the city (if you’re a foodie - I’m sure you know which piggies I’m talking about here!) Honestly, I love pandas so I’m probably bias here but look at those rosy cheeks (bet you squealed like a girl at those chubby cheeks too). Innards are red bean paste (replaced white chocolate) which are naturally sweet with a smooth paste inside a soft cloudy bun – definitely nothing too heavy - you could almost convince yourself to have another panda too *panda says do it* 

Colours of the rainbow XLBs presenting pastry flavours are: taro, beetroot, squid ink, chilli, carrot, spinach and the original but never boring plain flavour. My verdict: normal XLBS will never be the same again and note: don’t dip these into any soy/vinegar as it will overpower the rainbow flavours 
Other dishes that Jessica ordered for us to try are: fried rice with shrimp ($10.80), vegetarian delight ($4.80), water spinach ($11.80) and the always cool but very hot cucumber ($3.80). The lucky Mr. A also got to try their wok fried noodles with prawn in chilli prawn paste ($11.80). Verdict for all: great traditional Chinese flavours without the MSG and the oil that Chinese cuisine is known for.  

Things you need to know about Dainty Dumpling’s House: 
  1. Marko, the owner of Dainty also runs Meeting Point in Chinatown. This is now undergoing renovation and hopefully will be a Dainty concept and chain restaurant when it opens for business in July. 
  1. Marko and Jessica are also hoping to open another Dainty in Miranda Shopping Centre in August.  
  1. All their dumplings are made fresh daily! 
  1. A point that is probably irrelevant to food but Marko and Jessica will be newlyweds this coming October so please say hi to the beautiful engaged couple when you see them at either of their stores. 

    Keep an eye out for this new dumpling chain restaurant because Dainty is not going to be petite for too much longer! In the meantime, get out there and get your hands on those pandas!!  

Next Stop: Food was invited to Dainty Dumplings House. All comments are based on my own opinions. A big and warm thank you to Jessica and Marko for the invitation.

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  1. Man, I was in Rhodes visiting the Nikon Service Centre last week, and I walked right past this place - they weren't open yet, or else I'd have hopped in for a bite!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Sorry, our opening hour is 11am- 3pm, 5pm-9.30pm everyday.
      Hope can see you at DDH next time:)

  2. having massive dumpling cravings lately. should check this out esp for the spicy shrimp wontons and the colour xiao long bao

    1. Annie, definitely try this place out the dumplings were delicious and they look amazing!

  3. i live really close and this place is always packed but i haven't been yet. cute buns :)

    1. Vivian, Try it sometime especially since you live so close. Panda dumplings were so adorable!

  4. Love it! Dumplings are my favorite - thanks so much for the post!


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