Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hisshou: Catch your egg!

Restaurant: Hisshou
Location: 752 George Street, Sydney
Phone: 02 9211 1234

Apologies about the photo quality, the restaurant is very red …

Our beloved Jess knew months ahead that she wanted to have teppanyaki for her birthday dinner, so one very wet Sunday we all made our way over to this little restaurant. Funny, I drive past this road all the time, but the whole time walking over I could not imagine what the shop front looked like…


We all just fit on a square table encasing two stoves; we all chose different menus, they offer different set menus as well as a la carte. But seeing as though I’m blogging about this, I shall speak for myself – I had the yukai set menu for $45 per person.

Salmon sashimi & tsukudani beef
So, we started with a sesame salad that was a great start, salad was covered in a tangy dressing. Miso soup was nice to get us warmed up from the cold day. Then we were served slices of salmon sashimi and tsukudani beef.

THE NIGHT STARTS OFF WITH A BANG! The chef hits the little gong above the stove and we get started!

Seafood cooking
First up, seafood! We get a prawn each and a perch fillet. It was such a shame that we did not get the squashed prawn head that most teppanyaki offers. We watched the prawn head get brushed into the little hole on the hot plate and died internally at the missed opportunity.

Chicken teriyaki and misoyaki steak came next. The chicken was well seasoned and the steak was very tender and went down very well.

Jess looks way to calm ...
Now, before the next lot of dishes… we all went around the table and everyone had to catch an egg. Very nerve wrecking when everyone is watching you, and your mind is completely on not wanting to drop it and get it all over yourself. Nothing better than sitting in egg yolk…

Then we had Jess catch her cooked egg with her mouth show, booyeah! She … got some, but better than none right?

It was very nerve wrecking, as you can tell from Candice's face :P
We loved watching Candice attempt, screaming and shouting. Arms here and there, legs left and right. Starting position on the chair, ending position on her feet far from the chair.

The fried rice was a little burnt and dry, but that would be excusable as the chef had to serve 13 bowls of rice from the hot plate that was constantly hot (cooking). But low and behold, we all had to work for our fried rice too! Holding a silver bowl, our bowl of fried rice was also thrown at us! Yes, talk about pressure! Our dinner!!

Teppan vegetables cooking away
Teppan vegetables were nice, because I simply love cooked beanshoots and that is basically what it is!

Remember to ask for your green tea, as they had forgotten our green tea. But I guess it could be because you could have it any time and we did not realize it. Though, it was perfect to have it at the same time as the cake.

Jess with her bear and naughty bear cake ;)
Jess got her cake, the naughty bear cake from 85 Degrees cake shop.

Salt written happy birthday
The service was good, portion sizes could be bigger, however the cooks do know how to create a fun atmosphere and is interactive with you. I mean, you sort of have to be if we’re all going to be at throwing food at each other basis, right?

Until next time,

Cassie x

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  1. What a fun night. I've had Teppanyaki before but never attempted catching the egg :)

    1. Trent, You need to try it! My friend who attended the event didnt catch the egg and it went all over her pants! good luck and its a must try!

  2. I've wondered about this place, given that it's Teppanyaki and Sydney doesn't really have a good one. Was the cost reasonable?

    1. Hi Michael! I found the place through Google. It was very delicious and I recommend going. the chef did a great performance and he even let me ring the gong lol. Banquet prices were very cheap and reasonable. Most of us chose the "Hibi" ($38) and the "Yukai" ($42) banquet, the difference was a sashimi and tea. I thought it was quite reasonable for hours entertainment.

    2. Oh also to add we had people order el la carte and the price were expensive individually. $26 for chicken teriyaki and you get that in the banquet. Best to just order the banquet to taste a range of things.

  3. lol teppanyaki is equal parts fun and terrifying I find! And haha the salt message at the end is always a pretty good finale.


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