Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Queenies – the Queen of Bammies

Restaurant: Queenies
Location: Level 1, The Forresters 
Corner of Foveaux and Riley Streets 
Surry Hills, NSW 2010 
Open: Tuesday to Saturday: 6pm till late, Friday lunch: 12pm – 4pm 

Jamaican food in Surry Hills! So you ask, what is Jamaican food? Well, I’ll start off with their Sugar Mamma cocktail (spiced rum, sugar cane juice, lime and ginger ale) and Bammies (pulled pork and pineapple) oh bammies, why are you so delicious? There is just something about that cassava flatbread, even typing this is making me salivate over my keyboard. These two top-notch dishes (yep, a cocktail is a dish now) make me come back here again and again and again. Yep, and again. Prawn bammie is good too but pulled pork is what makes us come back oh and also what makes me lick my fingers, lick my plate, lick my lips that much more! Opps, ok with enough licking… 

Sugar Mama, Dutty Riddim (Goslings rum, dutty mix, red wine, fruit, lemon squash aka Jamaican Squash) $10ea 

Pulled pork and ginger/ prawn, mango and ginger bammies $7ea 
(Disclaimer: you may want to order 2 servings because a double bammie is always better than one) 

BBQ jerk corn w/coconut $8 

Chicken wings $14 

Coconut soft shell crab with hotstepper sauce $16 

We love to order so with Feli, Cass and I there we had legit reasons to order, well to order more that is. Entrees are: BBQ Jerk Corn, pushcart chicken wings and coconut soft shell crab. Verdict: you can probably pass up on the corn (I’d rather fill my tummy with bammies HAHA!), wings: I’m telling you anything with that sauce is a winner aka salivating, crab: pass on that too because YOUR tummy needs space for bammies AND that finger-licking sauce! 

Teriyaki Caribbean chicken salad $16 (mango, cashews, crispy tortillas, cheddar and lime dressing) 

Ok, we’re not all that bad. We did order a salad too. Salad was tasty oh wait, or was it the chicken that was tastier? Nevertheless, it provided us with healthy greens with a refreshing lime dressing and mango, yum! 

Feast: Jerk Pork Neck $35 (jungle slaw, pineapple and chilli salsa and bread rolls with sweet potato fries. Serves 3-4) 

So because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, we somehow thought we needed the 3-4 servings of pork neck and all the other sides that came with it. Because our eyes were so big, somehow we overlooked the slaw side and still ordered the salad.  

Complimentry cucumber appetiser

Lesson learnt: sugar mama first, bammies second, slaw third and any remaining space is to order a second round of bammies. And yep, you can order a side of jungle slaw for $7 instead of the feast $35 but sweet potato fries in the feast is a plus, unfortunately the fries were a tad soggy and we barely had any room left for more carbs so we sadly said no to these potato friends :’( 

Dear Queenies, I will be back for your bammies and jungle slaw. In the meantime, take care of my sugar mamma. Oh, did I also mention Queenies have desserts too? I’ve been here 3 times but I always lose and never make it to the dessert round. I will win, until next time. 

aka the bammy lover 

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  1. i'm so obsessed with bammies at queenies. a must order everytime!

    1. Hi Annie, great to hear that you're a bammy lover too!can't wait to go back and get my bammy dose :D

  2. I can never resist sweet potato fries either. They have to be crunchy though! Must!

    1. Hi Helen, sure is- sweet potato fries is definitely a temptation that we can never resist either. We're never gonna learn how to say no to those fries (:

  3. A must visit! :D

    1. Hi Ness, yes do it!!!your body needs a good Jamaican feed/feast hehe don't forget the bammies!


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