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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Pie Tin

Restaurant: The PieTin
Location: 1A Brown St, Newtown
Phone:  02 9517 7880

I have been wanting to come visit The Pie Tin for a while now, but have not been able to make my way over. Well, we wanted to but they close really early, so be sure to check their opening hours before you visit in case of disappointment! But finally over the annual break from work Candice and I made our way over for a quick bite.

What to order, the choices made me ponder and then there were the sides! Which sides do I, I mean, we want? But it was decided…

Napalese lamb curry with two sides $11.00 - $13.00

I got the pie meal (which we shared our two sides) with the spicy Nepalese lamb curry, mmm~~ the flaky pastry was so goooood ~ the pies, to me, are slightly bigger than your average pies and it makes us happy that we did not over order with sides. The lamb was nice and stringy, though it wasn’t TOO spicy. Which I guess is good for people who cant really take the spice – but I would have personally liked it to be a bit more?

Innards shot of lamb pie
The potato salad was more-ish and very evil, but it was simply delish. We went forkful after forkful. Then the colesaw helped us feel like it was slightly healthier, but we all know that it’s not all that healthy too ;)

Cauliflower and zucchini pie $5.80
Candice had the cauliflower and zucchini pie, it looked so nice and creamy. The melted cheese was stringy, watching her devour this awesome piece of pie was rather mouth watering at the same time. Even though I had my own share…

Innards shot of cauliflower and zucchini pie
We would have loved to try out their sweets too, but unfortunately we had no room in our bellies for this … But that’s ok, there will always be a next time, as we are sure to return to try their OTHER pie varieties and sides … mmm~~ just thinking about it now, I think a revisit is overdue!

Until next time,

- Cassie x

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  1. The sweet potato fries here are awesome but you'll definitely have to save room for dessert next time. The chocolate peanut butter pie is incredible!

    1. I don't know how I missed the sweet potato fries when I was so obsessed with them ... I noticed them AFTER we ordered and I sat there a little upset haha!
      But that just means I'll need to go again! ^^ And yes, will also learn to save room for dessert, that chocolate peanut butter pie sounds amazing with it's name alone! XD

  2. Pie tin pies are aweesome! such good value for money... and so filling!
    I am still planning a trip back to try out their desserts! they looked so good :D

    1. I know right!! I was surprised by how full I felt after!
      Yes, we need to plan a trip back for the desserts too! haha!

  3. the pie tin is so addictive for us. so many to try especially from the sweet pies but not enough stomach.

    1. OMG YES!! If I lived closer, I could be found there fairly often XD
      never is there enough stomach space, sad truth ..

  4. i love the pulled pork and beef brisket pie here! wish i still worked near here!

    1. OMG, I want to try that now too! haha!
      It could be a good thing for your wallet that you don't work near anymore :P

    2. Im kinda glad I don't work close, if you know what I

  5. I want to visit this Pie Tin Restaurant. Food serve here seems to be great and yummy. Wanna dine here as soon as possible.

    1. You totally should pencil in a day to pop by! :)
      You won't be disappointed (though that could be a big call, everyone is different) But don't get too excited about it and work you expectations up and you should be fine to enjoy a great meal :)

  6. luuurvveeeeee their malteaser cake...... it is SO good

    1. We really need pop by to have these delicious sweet pies!! XD

  7. I LOVE The Pie Tin! I am yet to try the cauliflower and zucchini pie! That looks incredible :O


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