Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Albee’s kitchen is almost my kitchen

Restaurant: Albee's Kitchen
Location: 282 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194 
Ph: 02 9718 8302 
Open: 7 days 10am-10pm 
Location:470 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032 
Ph: 02 9662 8788 

Having fallen in love with the Campsie restaurant a few years ago, I almost went hysterical when I found out there was going to be an Albee’s opening in Kingsford!!*jumps around in joy on Anzac Parade yayayay* So backtracking to a year ago when they first opened their doors here for Eastern residents till now: I have to admit I’ve been here way too many times, quite too many that the Malay/Chinese staff recognise my mum although she doesn’t speak a word of Malay.  
The following dishes are our must-haves: 

Young coconut juice $5sambal king prawn fried rice $12, belacan french bean $13.80

Bro’s favourite drink is the young coconut juice, sometimes I think we successfully lure him into spicy cuisines is only because of this drink. Very meaty coconut pieces make him order these each time. We’re not sambal fans but this fried rice number makes us come back for more. I’ve tried their normal fried rice but take my word, make sure your dishes are sambal fried. Belacan French bean, no Malay meal is ever complete without you and/or the sambal water spinach when in season.    

Clockwise from left to right: CKT $10.50, Hainanese chicken ¼ $7.80, ½ $14.50, talam cake $5, milky creamy pork rib $15.80 

Char Kuey Teow – flat rice noodles stir fried with my favourites: shrimp, Chinese sausage and eggs in a big serving makes it a winner for me. Whilst hainanese chicken is the other family’s favourite – personally I find it too oily and I always have a little battle with the chicken skin: Do I remove the skin before eating or have it anyway since it’s so good? 

Talam cake was a take-away hence the Hello Kitty plate. Talam cake (top layer is made of coconut milk and bottom layer is made of Pandan). I’m a big fan of desserts made of coconut milk and Pandan but to get a good dose of Pandan -  I would highly suggest hop into Passionflower (a few doors down from Albee’s) and treat yourself to a serving of Pandan ice-cream. 

Milky creamy pork rib fried with a milky cream based sauce get all my arteries dancing in all the right places. The cream sauce is thickish but runny enough for you to smear your ribs all over, I know the dish is good but please don’t use your own ribs, literally.   

Butter cereal king prawns $19.80 

My first love in Malaysia: butter cereal king prawns. This was the highlight of my Malaysia trip a few years ago, oh and perhaps the Twin Towers and our resorts too but food-wise: this cereal dish was the serial killer of all. It captured my heart like no other even to this date. You can order this dish with/without shell, I know the lazy in you will opt without but trust my first Malay love- you would want this with the shell. The butter cereal is amazingly good that I can eat mouthfuls of it with boiled rice and still be content.  

Other drinks and dishes to ensure maximum tummy satisfaction are: lemon + salted plum soda, lor bak (seafood + pork roll), pandan chicken, pan mee, curry chicken, curry fish AND their curry puffs. I suggest you get a curry puff as an entrée if you’re really hungry or takeaway is always an option for those who want to eat more when dining in.  

Ok, that’s enough Malay/Chinese dishes to get you going. I might just get going to an early dinner too…say maybe at the kitchen of Albee’s.  


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  1. Only time I was ever in Campsie was to try their pho at the RSL. Good to see more local joints worthy of attention :)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Ah yes, you're right, their cheap but good pho at the RSL is a good local one too!local joints opening stores in all parts of Sydney- yes please!

  2. ohhhh man the cereal prawns!!! <3333

    1. Hi Suze,
      hehe the cereal prawns can be our cereal killer anyday!

  3. Cereal prawns! Love Albee's. Their curry puffs are the best too!

    1. Hi Helen,
      yep, you got it right - mmm must just dream about those two food items tonight too!


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