Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chat Thai - Crab Omelette SO GOOD!

Restaurant: Chat Thai
Address: Westfield CBD, (Also located in Various Location)

Sydney is so blessed to have a variety of Thai restaurants to choose from and Chat Thai no doubt is THE Thai restaurant to go to when you’re in the CBD. I have been there numerous times before my blogging days so there was never an urge to take pictures and write a post. 

This time we ordered from the Special Menu and it calls for pictures time!

Snow Crab Omelette $20

CRAB! There were big pieces of sweet crabmeat inside the omelette. The omelette itself was crispy outside and fluffy inside. SO GOOD.

Larpb Bpla (Spicy Poached Snapper salad) $18

Nicely poached fresh fish on top of vibrant salad, the sauce was tangy, spicy and appetising. The sauce is on the spicy side so if you can’t take spicy.

Mussamun Nuea (Mussamun curry of slowly braised beef shin and potato) $16

Umm.. There were only 4 way-too-big pieces of tough, chewy beef. It definitely needed to be braised longer, apart from that, the sauce was tasty and we happily drowned the rice with it!

Lychee Mojito

Can’t go wrong with lychee mmm 

So happy to try something from Chat Thai’s special menu, hope the omelette will stay on the menu because it was so delicious. Their other salads are worth a try as well especially the apple eggplant, it tastes good and eggplants are so cute! Chargrilled pork neck is tender and complements well with tamarind relish.


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  1. Yum! Crab omelette has my name all over it!

  2. Glad to hear you had a pleasant experience with the omelette... I remember mine being supremely greasy. :(

    1. Ours wasn't greasy.. Sad to hear that their quality isn't consistent :(

    2. The Sydney Noob26 June, 2014 15:54

      Yeah not consistent, I prefer Home Thai

  3. didn't know chat thai has crab omelette. looks sooo delicious!

    1. It's on their Special Menu, I never knew they had it either :)

  4. Mouthwatering recipe, thanks for sharing this delicious dish.


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