Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Colonial Restaurant - Tasty Spicy Late Lunch

Restaurant: The Colonial Restaurant (Darlinghurst) 
Address: 118 Crown Street, Darlinghurst.

Non Vegetarian Platter ($14)

Last Saturday Feli and I had a late lunch at The Colonial Restaurant. We were invited to the restaurant by Dharam and Janark. During lunch time they have a special $15 meal deal, this contained your choice of 2 curries with rice and accompanied with either a glass of wine OR beer. Their menu also had a lot of yummy dishes to offer, tapas, platters, breads, cocktails and of course traditional curries.

Once we walked into the restaurant, the interior was very well decorated. It had nice hanging lights and beautiful Indian artwork on the walls.

Feli and I decided to get two platters and a lunch special to share. The two platters we chose were the Non Vegetarian Platter ($14) and the Seafood Platter ($15). The platters were a taste of what you could order off the Tapas menu. My favourite part of the Seafood platter was the Fried Calamari. The other dishes on the Seafood platter consisted of tandoori prawns, fish amritsari (fried pieces), Masala Squid and side salad.

Seafood Platter ($15)

The Non Vegetarian Meat platter consisted of tender Tandoori chicken pieces, Tangari Kebab (chicken leg), Samosas and a lamb lollipop. Both platters came with yummy sauces to dip.

For the lunch special we chose the classic Butter Chicken and Lamb Josh Rogan. The curries came with rice and an additional beverage. The Butter Chicken was very tender and delicious. I could taste all the different flavours and spices jumping around in my mouth.

A final dish to add to our palate was the classic Naan bread to eat with the curry. We chose garlic and this was made fresh in the restaurant and it was delicious.

Garlic Naan Bread ($3.50)

The entire experience was very enjoyable and I imagine the restaurant would be illuminating during the night. My suggestions if you decide to try this place are to order the Butter Chicken ($17), fresh garlic Naan bread ($3.50) and the Masala Squid ($9).

Until Next time Foodies,
Jess <3

All comments are based on my own opinions. A warm thank you to Dharam and Janark for the invitation.  

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  1. Ooh I love garlic naan. This one looks deliciously garlicky!

    1. Helen, I love Garlic Naan too!!!! Especially when it is fresh!

  2. Great shots Jess! :)
    Naan bread always has my heart!

    1. Thanks Cassie! its the new camera lol. Naan was delicious!


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