Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen - Nutella Pizza & Charcuterie Meats

Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen

Restaurant:  Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen  | 

Address: 28 Albion Street, Surry Hills NSW

Must Try: Nutella and Strawberry Pizza and Salumi Misti Board

We received an invitation to attend this event in Surry Hills. Bar Surry Hills & Italian Kitchen had just done a major revamp and they were out to celebrate. The evening consisted of canapes and plenty of alcohol to start the weekend off.

When we walked in we were greeted by the host, who informed us that we could try everything and to have a great time.  At the entrance they had set up a butchers table, where you could order fresh cut charcuterie meat. And by fresh cut I mean a man was standing behind cutting it for patrons on demand. 

We were informed on the right side of the bar, they had organised a man to mix up some lovely cocktails. At the point of time he was mixing coffee martinis, quite strong as well.

Diavola $16 - tomato, mozzarella, hot salami, capsicum and olives

We then sat down and the food kept coming around. There was a lovely pizza called the "Diavola" with olives, tomato and salami . My partner was taking a piece and the mozzarella was very stringy and the pizza was freshly made!

Bruschetta $8

Following this we were handed some bruschetta, this was a bit messy to eat, as most of mine fell of the bread, but it was very tasty.

Canoli $4 - hand piped sicilian ricotta and chocolate

The next fancy canape to be served was a cannoli, this looked amazing. It was filled with sicilian ricotta and traces of chocolate.

Nutella and Strawberry pizza $12

Then they brought out a big board of dessert pizza with Nutella and strawberries, what a drooling sight! This was by far my favourite this evening.

Finally got up and got myself a board of charcuterie meats, they called this lovely arrangement "Salumi Misti Board". The man was very nice for cutting it for me. The board consisted of a variety of Prosciutto, sopresssa, mortadella, hand made grisini, sicilian olives, grana and olive oil. All were very fresh and delicious.

Salumi Misti Board $18 - Prosciutto, sopresssa, mortadella,
hand made grisini, sicilian olives, grana and olive oil

I had a very good time at this event, free food and free alcohol, it was a win win! This would be an ideal place to have a get together with friends over a few drinks and a nibble.

Just wanted to mention I also had a great time meeting a few food bloggers -  Bob from Jugernauts, Annie from
The Random Foodie and Anna from Polyphagia. Overall I had a great night out!

Jess <3

All comments are based on my own opinions. A warm thank you to Zoe from The Drawing Book Studios for the invitation.   

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  1. Did you get to try the Paloma cocktail? It was sooo nice :3

    1. No, when we got there, the guy stopped making them :(. it looked so nice!

  2. Yum! Love me some sexy shaved prosciutto!

  3. Dear Jess,

    Is that the Governor of Reserve Bank Glenn Stevens slicing meat for the charcuterie platter??

    1. Chopin I had to google pictures of Glenn, I think the guy cutting my meat has more hair XD

  4. Not usually a big fan of bar stuff, but a dessert pizza? Hell yeah!

  5. Oh that charcuterie has me drooling over my keyboard!!! I love prosciutto!!!


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