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Grill'd - Delicious, Juicy and Healthy Burgers

Grill'd  (Parramatta)

Restaurant: Grill'd  (Parramatta) |

Address: Level 4, 310 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Must Try: Almighty Burger and Fries and sauce

Shopping on a Saturday in a busy Parramatta Westfield, we decided to get something to eat. On level 4, near the cinema we spotted a nice burger place all lit up. We had a look at the menu and the burger prices were very reasonable. The restaurant also had  vegetarian burgers.

We ordered our food at the counter and we asked the lady which sauce would be best and she recommended the sweet chilli mayo to go with the chips. The lady even asked us which bun we would like to choose, there was the option of Traditional or Panini (they even have a gluten free option).

We ordered the “Simply Grill’d” ($9.90), this came with Grilled grass fed lean beef, salad, relish, mayo and cheese. 

Simply Grill’d  $9.90

We also got an “Almighty” Burger ($13.50) which came with Grilled grass fed lean beef, cheese, bacon, free range egg, beetroot, salad, relish and herb mayo.

Almighty Burger $13.50

And of course we ordered the Grill’d famous chips salted with a herb mix ($4.80) and we chose additional sauce for 70 cents.

Grill’d famous chips salted with a herb mix $4.80
sweet chilli mayo sauce 70c

Finally our burgers arrived and they looked amazing! The first bite of the burger was very juicy and scrumptious. These burgers tasted really really nice! Grass fed lean beef tasted delicious! The chips were also very nice, hand cut and crunchy. The herb mixed on the chips was very nice, from what I could see it was mixed herbs and crushed sea salt. 

When we were paying for our meal we were also given two tokens. They had 3 jars out the front and we could choose which charity Grill’d will donate to at the end of the month. The one with the most would receive the donation. I thought this was a very generous idea.

The staff were very friendly and polite during our lunch, it was a great experience in a great environment. Grill’d Burgers are also located in other locations, such as Chatswood, Bondi, CBD, Darling Harbour, Darlinghurst and Crows Nest. Definitely going to come back to try the 4 sliders they have on offer. 

Until Next time Foodies!
Jess <3

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  1. Almighty burger sure is ALMIGHTY alright! Haha

  2. Haven't actually visited Grill'd in awhile now. With so many great burger joints around, any individual one can get lost in all the noise. Good to see these guys are still grillin' away!

  3. love grilled! haven't been in a while as well! i really miss their chips but best of all, being full and walking out without feeling gross!

    1. chips were delicious and with their salt and mixed herbs, so food with sauce!

  4. Oh yum, I *love* Grill'd! You're always guaranteed a good burger from there :)

    1. Yes definetly! my first time and it was great food and great service :)

  5. Oh yum the almighty burger looks fantastic! can't believe these burgers are healthy :)

  6. It can be hard to find bars & dining places, where you can appreciate a awesome situation or lunchtime, Sydney grill while the kids are amused. The following areas have been selected as they provide not only great food, but a lot of space for kids to play.


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