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Pony Lounge & Dining - Delicious Tender Steaks and Amazing Apple Crumble

Pony Lounge & Dining

Restaurant: Pony Lounge & Dining   |  http://www.ponydining.com.au/

Address: Corner of Kendall Lane and Argyle Street, The Rocks

Must Try: Apple Crumble and Brisket

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Apple Crumble with macadamia, salted caramel, crème fraiche ice cream $14.80

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining

That time of the year again and it was Miss E’s birthday, what a great excuse to check out an amazing restaurant. She had never eaten at the Rocks before, so she found this place via Google. None of us had ever been to this place before and it was a nice surprise to go to such a lovely place in the middle of all the action and entertainment. 

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Chicken Liver Parfait with grilled fig and apple chutney, toasted sour dough $13.50

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Shoestring Fries $9

Pony dining was very easy to locate. It was just past the Argyle and just before Lowenbrau. Once inside, you could not hear the food markets from outside. I had a look at the menu online before coming to the restaurant and it looked like Pony Dining specialised in Steak. They had a whole section of the menu dedicated to “The Butchers Block”.

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Skara Chorizo with green tomato chutney $12.50

Something different to usual we ordered our own individual meals, but like always we got additional sides and dessert. To start we ordered entrees, Shoestring Fries, Grilled Broccolini ($13), Wood Fire Grilled Calamari, Skara Chorizo and Chicken Liver Parfait with Sour dough. The Chorizo tasted awesome and it was a little bit spicy. I love Parfait, so this was delicious!

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Wood Fire Grilled Calamari with Chiltomate relish $15.90

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining

Mirrool Creek Lamb Rump Golden Beets,
Heirloom Carrots, Toasted Buckwheat, Pounded Basil And Mint $36

Everything looked amazing and it was hard to choose a main, I decided to go the Angus Beef Brisket (250g) and the boyfriend got the Angus short Rib (300g). My Brisket was very tender and delicious. I didn’t even need a fork, I could just put my fork into it and it would come apart. This was very very tender. I also tried some of the short rib and the pepper sauce was very nice.

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining

Jr Signature Angus Short Rib (300g) Soy Grilled 
Green Capsicum, Crisp Fried Chilli, Black Pepper Sauce $40

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Rangers Valley Angus Brisket (250g) 8 Hour Braised And Grilled, 
Smoked Onion, Pickled Shiitake, Crisp Cabbage $36

Dessert is my favourite part and we definitely wanted to try most of their desserts. I was really wanted to try the Apple Crumble, it sounded amazing on the menu “macadamia, salted caramel,crème fraiche ice cream“. The others chose the Bu­ttermilk And Rosemary Pannaco­tta and Double Chocolate Ganache Tart with Raspberry Sorbet.

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining

Double Chocolate Ganache Tart, Toasted Black Rice, Raspberry Sorbet $14.80

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining

Chocolate And Coconut Bounty, Chocolate Crumb, 
Toasted Coconut, Coconut Infused Mascarpone and Bounty Ice Cream $14.80

Just as I expected the Apple Crumble was worth waiting for and it was absolutely delicious! My favourite dessert amongst the ones we ordered. I highly recommend this if you decide to come to this restaurant.

Next Stop: Food Pony Lounge and Dining
Cocktail - Janqueray Pimma Cooler - Tanqueray, Pimms, Lemonade, ginger and fruit $30

Pony Dining was a very fun experience. Great atmosphere, great company and great food, it was a great combination to a great night. 

Until Next Time Foodies!
Jess <3 

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