Monday, August 25, 2014

Onyx Restaurant & Cocktail Bar - A Rocking Time!

Onyx Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Restaurant: Onyx Lounge   |

Address: Level One, 324 King Street, Newtown, Sydney 2042
Opening times:  Monday Closed, Tuesday & Wednesday  From 6pm, Thursday & Friday From 5pm, Saturday & Sunday From 2pm
Phone: 0451 541 712

Must Try: Cocktails (over 50 to choose from), Empanadas and Croquettes.

Last Saturday night in the hustle and bustle of Newtown, Felicia and I came to dine at Onyx Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. As the name suggests, we were going to have a rocking time (no pun intended). We were ready to try some cocktails! 

We got the chance to meet Gerry the owner and he told us to relax and enjoy the food. Gerry informed us this is his 4th restaurant, his previous one being Agave in Surry Hills. I asked him where the restaurant name came from and he mentioned in his home town, they have mines dedicated to onyx. He even showed us the onyx lamps near the bar, it is quite beautiful and exquisite.  

To start the night off, Felicia chose Pisco Sour (Pisco, fresh limes and simple syrup) and I chose an Illusion (Coconut Rum, Melon Liqueur, vodka, Pineapple). Both drinks were colourful, delicious and had plenty of alcohol to give us a buzz.

Cocktails all $16.90, From left Pisco Sour (Pisco, fresh limes and simple syrup),  Illusion (Coconut Rum, 

Melon Liqueur, vodka, Pineapple) and Berry Me (Mezcal, strawberries, triple sec and fresh limes)
Chicken Empanadas (3), $14

We decided to order 3 starters, these being Chicken Empanadas, Chicken Croquettes and Pork Chorizo and Potato. The empanadas were very tender and tasty, this was my favourite dish for the evening. The Chorizo was soft and tender; it was a little sweet and not very spicy. The Croquettes were very tender and nicely prepared. The accompanying sauces chilli and aioli went well with the dishes and enhanced the flavours.

Chorizo and Potato $14 (Spanish pork chorizo slices and chat potato chunks in an oven roasted roma
tomato and smokey chipotle chilli jam) 

For our main dish we chose the Pork Neck, this came with potato and spinach and a very fiery spicy sauce. Felicia really enjoyed the sauce as she likes spicy foods. The pork was great with the sauce and the dish was good overall.

Pork Neck $26, (Spicy sauce served with roasted potatos, bacon and spinach)

We chose an additional salad, consisted of Rocket, apple & parmesan salad, pine nuts & balsamic oil. I don’t usually eat salad, but this was delicious. The apple was really refreshing.

Rocket, apple & parmesan salad, pine nuts & balsamic oil $16 AND Croquettes $14 (Roasted chicken breast, lemon zest,
shallots, coriander, lightly crumbed and served with a chipotle chilli sauce)

Moving onto dessert, if you’re like me, I always have room for dessert! We chose Churros and Chocolate Brownie with Salted Caramel ice cream. We just could not resist, especially salted caramel ice cream! 

Spanish churros with chocolate sauce $14

The churros came out and they were fresh and hot, very nice and went well with the hot melted chocolate.

The Chocolate brownie looked delicious, alongside the salted caramel ice cream, this tasted as great as it looked!

Warm chocolate brownie & salted caramel ice cream $10

Felicia and myself had a great time here and it was great to meet the owner and our wait staff were very accommodating. This would be a great place to come for a few predrinks or a night out with your mates.

All comments are based on my own opinions. A warm thank you to Kirsty and Gerry for the invitation.

Until next time,

Jess =^.^=

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  1. The pork neck sounds tasty. And aww it's been years since I had an Illusion!

    1. Very tasty Helen. Illusion was very strong


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