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Basic Chicken Soup Recipe in a BillyBoil Thermal Cooker

Basic Chicken Soup Recipe in a BillyBoil Thermal Cooker

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We were approached by the BillyBoil Company to test their product of a thermal Cooker. This was my first time cooking with a Thermal cooker, so I did a bit of research.  I watched old 90’s videos on YouTube on how to use a thermal cooker and I looked up a few recipes.
If you are like me and never used a thermal cooker before, it is a stainless steel product. There is the case and the inner pot. The inner pot is what you use to cook everything in over your stove, just like a saucepan. Once done you just pop the inner pot into the case and close the lid. Leave for hours and it will cook in its own heat.

All the websites for thermal cookers state that you save electricity when using these and if you go on vacation, you can take it with you and it will still cook and keep your food warm. I looked up a few recipes online and decided to create my own version using the thermal cooker.

In my honest opinion, I would have never have known to purchase one of these, however having now used one, I would definitely suggest to my friends and family to purchase one. To read up more on this thermal cooker, just check out the website , they have recipes and a more in-depth description on their website.

A big warm thanks to Ryan McCarthy and Reduction Revolution for letting me try cooking in the BillyBoil Thermal cooker.

Now moving onto the first time using a thermal cooker.

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Recipe:   Basic Chicken Soup


8 cups Water
2x Carrots
Salt and pepper for seasoning
500g Chicken Thigh (can also use Fillet)
1x Garlic Clove
1x Onion
1 Tablespoon of Parsley (I used the tube stuff, feel free to use fresh leaves)
¼ Teaspoon Thyme Leaves (you can also use fresh Thyme)
¼ Teaspoon Mixed Herbs
1x Tablespoon French onion Soup mix

You can also add additional toppings like: a stick of Celery , 1x Potato, cup of noodle or cup of small shell pasta.


  1.  Get the Inner pot of the Thermal Cooker and add the water.
  2.  Make sure to cut up your chicken, once cut up add to the water.
  3.  Cut up remaining ingredients Carrot, onion and garlic and add to inner pot.
  4.  Add remaining ingredients into the inner pot.
  5. Cooker over your stove, I have gas so I cooked over stove for 40mins.
  6. After 40 mins I placed the inner pot into the thermal cooker and left it for over 4 hours. (If you want to add the Shell or Pasta best to add 30 mins before ready)
  7. After the 4 hours the soup was ready! Delicious! 
  8. If you are worried the chicken is not cooked, you can always reheat on stove again and leave for an additional hour or 2.
Cooking Over the Stove

Place Inner pot into Thermal Cooker

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