Monday, September 01, 2014

Sparrow Mill and Red Pepper - KFC with Appetising Wasabi Sauce!!

The Sparrow's Mill

Eatery: The Sparrow's Mill

Address: Shop 3/116-120 Liverpool St Sydney, NSW
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 11.30am - midnight and Saturday & public holidays 12pm - 11pm
Phone: (02) 9264 7109

Must Try: Original Fried Chicken

The Sparrow's Mill is a relatively new KFC eatery in the city which is conveniently located opposite world square on Goulburn St. To avoid a long queue, be sure to get here relatively early (around 6pm).

Spring Onion Gang Jung $18 Half

There's so many different kind of chicken to choose from, the first thing I saw on the menu were the words "Incredible Chicken Gangjung" so I excitedly ordered it. Gangjung is a traditional korean cookies made out of puffed rice, honey, peanut and sesame seeds.

Unfortunately the sauce was a bit too sweet for me and the chicken is covered with the sauce so it's not as crunchy as the original fried chicken. I was kicking myself for not trying the original one!!

Jap Chae Stir Fried Glass Noodles and Vegetables $12.80 with Beef extra $3.80

These noodles were very tasty and it comes with a lot of veges!

Spicy Soft Tofu with Seafood and Vegetable Stew $14

Spicy tofu soup is always so good in Winter to warm ourselves up, just looking at the vibrant red bubbling dish makes my body warm. This was delicious and not overly spicy.


Red Pepper

Eatery: Red Pepper

Address: 4A Lyons St, Sydney NSW 2135 (Strathfield Sports Club)
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am - late
Phone: (02) 9701 0911

Must have: Spring Onion Chicken

If you've read other posts about The Sparrow Mill, you'd probably find out that their sister restaurant is Red Pepper, which is located inside Strathfield Sports Club. I was craving fried chicken one weekend, so we happily went to Stratty to try it out!

Of course I ordered the fried chicken this time! The sauce was AMAZING, that hint of wasabi went so well with the crunchy chicken. But I must say, Naruone's fried chicken is crunchier so I prefer them more than Red Pepper & The Sparrow's Mill.

As it was our first time going to Red Pepper, we didn't know if we order on the table or go to the counter. So we asked one of the waiters who said he'll take the order and then after we "ordered", he gave us a confused look and asked us to go to the counter near the bar to order. Hmm weird much?

Other than the service, I would definitely come back for that Spring Onion Fried Chicken! And for my love for cheese, I want to try their Snow Cheese Chicken which seems to be popping up in IG all the time :D


The Sparrow's Mill(참새방앗간) on Urbanspoon Red Pepper club on Urbanspoon


  1. Snow cheese chicken OMG. Sure looks like a fried chicken kind of day now!

  2. Dear Feli,

    So far, I've only tried KFC at Beschico and have not caught the craving bug.

    1. Try Sparrow's Mill/Red Pepper or Naru One and you might get addicted :P

  3. Can't go wrong with fried stuff, especially if it chicken :D

  4. id like to try the snow cheese one next time!

  5. You gotta have the snow cheese! So bizarre but good :)

    1. Everyone is raving on about it! really need to try it :)

  6. i didnt get to try the snow cheese! lets call it a date?

  7. Oh dude, believe the hype, the snow cheese is freakin' amaze! I love Red Pepper's spring onion fried chicken even more than Naruone's.


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