Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Meat and Wine Co AND Lindt Opera Cake – Cheap Lunch Sets and Rich Dessert

The Meat and Wine Co AND Lindt Opera Cake – Cheap Lunch Sets and Rich Dessert

Restaurant: The Meat and Wine Co  | Website: http://themeatandwineco.com/

Address: L1/31 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW 2000 (Darling Harbour)
Phone:(02) 9211 9888
Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: Lunch / Dinner – 12noon – 10pm, Friday – Saturday: Lunch / Dinner – 12noon – 11pm

Must Try: Business Lunch Set, Entrée + Main + Dessert + Drink = $45

It was the boyfriend’s birthday and we wanted to organise a nice place to eat to celebrate. Candice had suggested this place, as it was easy to access and close to pick up the Lindt birthday cake. For Money for value, The Meat and Wine Co had a Business Lunch Set, this included an entrée, main, dessert and a drink ($45). If this was too much food for you, you can get the second option of the Entrée, main and drink for $35.

Szechuan calamari served with nam jim sauce and fresh lemon

When ordering there was a bit of confusion with our waiter, we were informed that not everyone had to order the set menu, they could order from the A La Carte menu. Somehow we confused the poor guy and he had to keep checking with his manager.

Bruchetta with Avocado  

2 options were available for the Entrée, this being the calamari or bruschetta avocado. I Picked the one and the Boyfriend picked the other. The Calamari was very fresh, well cooked and delicious. The meal also comes with a beer, wine or soft drink.

 250g Wagyu Rump with Chips

For the main there was a few options available. I had been craving steak that week and I finally got to have some. I picked the 250g Wagyu Rump and I like it medium rare. The steak came out and it was very tender and delicious.

300g lamb ribs slow-cooked for 8 hours and char-grilled with a lemon, herb and mustard marinade.
Served with crunchy chips or garden salad

For dessert we had already picked up a cake from Lindt. I had to do some research for a nice chocolate cake my boyfriend would enjoy. After great feedback on the Lindt Opera cake, I decided to get this one. I tried to order on the Lindt website, but it was too confusing, so I ended up calling and it was all set.

Lindt Opera Cake ($42)

Lindt also had a Mousse cake which looks delicious and I will definitely try this next time.
The time had come for the cake! The Lindt Opera Cake was very rich and very tasty. It was an additional $7 for a personalised plague. I had ordered a Medium cake (8 servings) for $42, this was plenty for the big meal we had just eaten for lunch.

Finally the time had come for the bill, we had a quick look over it and we were overcharged for a few items, but the manager waived these for us. The cakage for Meat and Wine Co was $30 per cake, very expensive however they have their own cakes available for guests.

Overall it was a lovely experience and I would definitely go back for a great lunching experience. Definitely going to try more of Lindt cakes and my boyfriend got to spend a great day with friends. I want to personally thank those for coming, love them to pieces!

Until Next time,

Jess =^.^=

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  1. The Lindt Opera Cake is one of my favourites :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. I was recommended it plenty of times and finally tried it. Very rich, but very scrumptious

  2. Those lamb ribs look delish and so does that opera cake! Hope your bf had a very happy birthday!

    1. Thank you Helen! he had a great time! and lab was tasty!


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