Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Jean Louis Joseph & Gozleme Turkish House - Birkenhead Point

Jean Louis Joseph

Address: Shop 146, Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre / 19A Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW 2027

Phone: (02) 9719 3300
Must Try: Tasmania Salmon, smashed avocado, soft eggs

Birkenhead Point located in Drummoyne, is the home of outlet shopping. If you live far from DFO Homebush, this is the place to go! Not only is shopping good there, they have good food too, which is perfect for shoppers to fuel up their energy to shop some more. I also love it how the whole centre is spacious and filled with natural sunlight.

Jean Louis Joseph is located at ground level near Coles, its combination of deli and cafe reminds me of Jones the Grocer in the city.

Tasmania Salmon, smashed avocado, soft eggs $16

Was caught by surprise when the salmon fillet arrived because I thought it'd be smoked salmon! It was cooked perfectly with nicely seasoned avocado and oozing poached egg. It was totally worth $16

Heirloom tomatoes on toast, raw and cooked, fresh bocconcinni $12 + soft poached egg $3
Simple dressing on fresh ingredients is always the best. Oregano and lovely olive oil went so well with freshly sweet tomatoes and the bocconcini was delish. The serving was very generous as well.

The service was good with the waitress informing us that breakfast serving was ending soon and told us to hurry to order before kitchen starts to cook lunch menu only. A bonus was that the food came out quick so you can go back to shopping in no time ;)


Gozleme Turkish House

Address: Birkenhead Point Food Court
Must try: Spinach & Cheese Gozleme

When I used to work in Drummoyne, I'll come to have gozleme for lunch once in awhile. Once you have the gozleme here, no other gozleme can compete with it (none that I had in Sydney anyway..)!

Spinach and cheese gozleme $7
It's located inside the food court and there's a queue every time I go. You'll see the ladies inside preparing everything per order, they work hard on the dough followed by putting fresh ingredients in it. My favourite is their spinach and cheese, their sucuk (turkish sausage) gozleme is quite good as well, I like the spiciness of the sausage. Dried chilli can also be added and for me, it just brings the gozleme to another level of yumminess!

So if you're looking for bargain clothes, shoes or homeware and good food, Birkenhead is the place to go to. What's more, the food court has an excellent view of the pier! They offer 3 hours free parking which sometimes might not be enough. But you can be asian like me - drive out and drive back in :P

Happy eating and shopping!



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  1. Dear Feli,

    I'm in no hurry as I totally dislike shopping but I can definitely give some love to those two dishes. Two beautiful eggs with a salmon fillet for $16 is so honest!

    1. The prices are indeed honest! Sometimes I wish I'm not into shopping..

  2. the salmon dish has all my favourite things! Mmm

    1. I know right! Salmon and eggs both perfectly cooked yumm

  3. I was so excited when the gozleme place first opened here. No need to wait for a street festival to get your gozleme fix! lol

    1. So happy to know of this place! Jess and I love their gozleme :D


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