Thursday, December 04, 2014

Yen for Viet - Addictive Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot

Restaurant: Yen for Viet
Address: 02 9558 2819
Must Try: Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot

Vietnamese food is not just Pho or Banh Mi, there's also Yen for Viet's Caramelized Fish in Clay Pot!

I've been here 4 times in the last 2 months just to have this fish which shows how tasty it is because I rarely revisit restaurants. Their other dishes are delicious too!

Golden brown squids stuffed with pork mince and mushrooms (2 whole squids) $12
Lightly battered succulent squid with tasty mushroom filling. The tangy and slightly spicy sauce complemented with the squid but it was also nice by itself.

Spring rolls: pork stuffing $8
The spring rolls are good and the pickled carrots and radish adds a nice touch to this dish. These comes in a vegetarian version as well!

Eggplant and prawn fritters $12

Yen for Viet is a pro at deep frying, like the squid, they're lightly battered and soft inside. Pepper in their batter and the sweet prawns brings the eggplant to another level. I've also tried their plain eggplant fritters and found them not as indulging as the ones with prawns.

Fresh Rice Paper Rolls: Pork & Prawn $5
They were fresh and the prawns were juicy, definitely worth $5

Crispy pancake stuffed with pork and prawn, bean sprout and mung bean $15

I loved the coconut scent in the pancake and raw fresh vegs makes me feel less guilty after eating those fried food. But.. I'll never say no to fry food hehe.

Carmelized fish in the clay pot $16\
Then came the clay pots. I really wish I know how they make this amazing sauce.  I'm not a big rice eater but give me 10 bowls of rice with this sauce, I'll happily demolish it in no time! The fish was perfectly cooked every time I went.

Caramelized pork in the clay pot $15
The fat wasn't rendered and the meat was chewy so I didn't enjoy this as much as the fish.

Crispy tofu cubes served with homemade tomato sauce with a touch of ginger $15
The tomato sauce was average and the ginger taste wasn't as defined as I like it to be, but it was still tasty with the tofu.

Stir Fried beef cubes with garlic fried rice $13

Loved the garlic in the rice and friends said that the beef were average (I get skin allergies when eating beef so I tend to avoid it).

I took my church friends here once and they loved it too! Because I love food so much, even my volunteer work are food related :D

Sausage Sizzle at St Brigid's Parish to help raise money for
The Vietnam Pilgrimage
Part of the donation goes to Mai Tam Centre, which is for children born with HIV+. They look after the kids, and support their mothers with education, medication etc.

Big thanks to Le Fusion and Baker's Delight at Marrickville Metro for donating bread!

Le Fusion also support Gift of Bread who delivers bread to the homeless and nursery homes. It's good to know that a few hours of our time can really help those in need.

If you know any bakeries who are willing to donate unwanted bread at the end of the day, do contact Marcel (, Valerian ( or myself!



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  1. Love banh xeo! And that claypot sauce is always super addictive isn't it!

    1. Love the flavours of Viet food! Somehow claypot makes everything so delicious :P

  2. You had me at the deep fried squid!

  3. Yum, I haven't even eaten in Marrickville in so long!

    1. We should do a Marrickville - Enmore - Newtown crawl :D

  4. Seems like tofu pasta almost :D Love the delicious food photos!

    Choc Chip Uru

  5. ive been meaning to try this place!

  6. so much food and everything looks so good! can't wait to check this joint out!

  7. The banh xeo looks awesome! I would love to try that stuffed squid.

    1. YESS the banh xeo was awesome, love the coconut scent in it! That stuffed squid was lovely too

  8. Dear Feli,

    That caramelized pork looks pretty delicious! Prices are so honest too.

  9. This place has great views and beautiful big rooms. My daughter celebrated her birthday here and all our guests said that this is the most amazing events NYC they've ever been too.


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