Thursday, January 01, 2015

Next Stop: Food's 2014 Highlight

Welcome 2015! May this year be better than the last :)

2014 was a year filled with changes. Our blog now consists of 2 girls instead of 4, Jess bought a place with her partner (HOORAY!), I've finally changed jobs and moved home twice. In the midst of all that, we managed to try out a lot of great food. Get ready for massive amount of food pics, here's a recap of our favorite 2014 moment:

Had the most amazing tuna salad at Kepos St Kitchen, I'm dying to go to this little cafe again!

Another cafe that I love is Cuckoo Callay - innovative food with lovely owners. THAT HASH BROWNS MM


Jess had her first Mamak and LOVE it!

Sydney has been struck by gyros, Bexley's Gyrodikos with their succulent meat and fluffy pita bread.

The gyros at Kefi is delicious too and they offer more choices than Gyrodikos - blog post coming up next year

And there was the opening of The Sparrow's Mill in the city, which is Stratty's Red Pepper's sister shop. MAN THEIR WASABI SOY IS NICE, but I remain a fan of NaruOne's chicken BUT nothing beats their snow cheese chicken

Discovered awesome pork belly in Hurstville's Like Noodle and their MASSIVE bowl of delicious noodles


And found out that Birkenhead isn't just about shopping but there's also good food too!


Mm gotta love them chips and narnies at Three Williams.


One of the most enjoyable seafood risotto at Surry Hill's Mohr Fish

Sydney Night Noodle Market's new contributors caused IG to be filled with pics of these babies. YAY for Melbourne's Bao for coming here :)

Marrickville's Yen for Viet introduced me to caramelized fish in claypot


How can I forget to mention the churros in KSK!

And also West Juliett's pink salt choc chip cookie.

Yup a good year with awesome food but it has been one tough year - for aviation, the passing of Phil Hughes, Sydney siege - God bless the families that have been affected.

Thank you readers for your support, may 2015 be even better and cheers more food adventures to ahead!




  1. Feli so pretty! ;) Great job on the blog this year, you girls! Totally enjoy every posts. Cheers to many more in 2015!

    1. Irene you so cutee :) Cheers to more drinks for you in 2015 and of course more good food xx

  2. happy new year! wishing you a most delicious 2015!

    1. Happy New Year Suze! Here's to a more delicious food year :D

  3. Dear Feli,

    So much food during a fab year, well done! Wishing you and Jess more deliciousness for 2016!

  4. Happy New Year my friend! :D Hope you have a fabulous foodie 2015!

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. Happy New Year!! Hope you have a delicious 2015 too xx

  5. Happy New Year, again, Feli! How awesome is that gozleme shop at Birkenhead!

  6. more fried chook this year dear?

    1. of yes of course!!! Fried chook and your organic produces teehee, i'm inviting myself to your garden :P xx


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