Monday, February 02, 2015

Illi Hill - Another Marrickville Brunch Option

Cafe: Illi hill
Address: 72 Illawarra Rd  Marrickville, NSW
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 7am - 4pm
Must Have: Poached eggs - with anything.

Right opposite the Henson, on the hill of Illawarra rd is Illi Hill. It opened a few months ago and it's always packed - people are probably drawn to their eggporn!

Two eggs and toast $9.90 with mushrooms $3.50 and haloumi $4

The poached eggs were cooked to perfection and I love how big the mushrooms are! The haloumi was nicely grilled, the whole dish was just amazing.

Two eggs and toast $9.90 with Crystal Valley pasture raised bacon $4.50
Absolutely divine bacon!!!! Packed with smokiness and they're generous with the amount too :D

Masala Chai $4.50
Chai tea comes in a special teapot - it brews at the top and when you want to drink it, press the button on top and down goes the tea! Irene had fun playing with it hehe.

Fresh Juice (Orange and Watermelon) $8
Their juice is freshly squeezed and it's so refreshing especially on a hot day.

The hipster staff are friendly and attentive, it's a great place to have brunch and can go to the Henson park for a walk afterwards to reminisce about the lovely poached eggs.


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  1. i reeealy want that bacon right now!

  2. Fresh juice and crusty toast, it's all I need I swear! :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  3. Dear Feli,

    This is my fave combo for brekky. I don't need hash brown, sausages, grilled tomato or sauteed mushrooms.

  4. That egg - liquid gold! That haloumi - feed me!

  5. Wooo that egg is calling me :D

  6. So exciting that Marrickville is awash with great cafes now. And I have one of those teapots. It's so good!

  7. Amazing place! Came here with my boyfriend for a date, and we both had an awesome time. The servings were huge and they have a good variety. The service at San Francisco restaurants was friendly and very attentive to every detail. Overall a very good experience!


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