Wednesday, March 18, 2015

European-Style Canteen Pop-up - Gorgeous food in a fast paced environment

European-Style Canteen Pop-up
Address: 78 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Hours: 7am to 4pm (Breakfast: 7-11:30am; Lunch starts from 11:30pm and last order is 3pm)

Must Try: Cous Cous Salad

As soon as you walk into IconPark, you see a range of vibrant coloured food behind the glass display. Couldn't wait to dig into the food!

What's IconPark?
Eateries can operate in IconPark’s location for around 3 months and in doing so, they get tons of media and customer support before they open the doors at a permanent location. Rent is usually the biggest constraint when opening a business and operating with IconPark, they can earn enough to cover first few months of rent. What a great idea for businesses!

This time, we are trying the European-Style Canteen Pop-up which is headed by Naomi Lowry, formerly of Biota Dining and Pilu.

It aims to serve slow cooked quality meal in a fast food style environment, which is fantastic for those who are time limited. Their menu change weekly according to the market and chefs' inspiration.

It's also licensed so do have a drink with lunch if you have time!

White wine and juniper braised lamb with salsa verde;Root vegetable salad with olive soil and leaves and
Cumin roasted heirloom carrots with feta and toasted almonds
Check out the beautiful presentation! The braised lamb was so succulent and went well with the tasty salsa verde. Slow roasting of carrots enhanced the lovely sweetness of the vegetable and I loved the saltiness from the feta.

Root vegs includes beetroot and parsnip. Their olive soil is made from crushed preserved kalamata olives, it was so good I couldn't get enough of it!

Sumac crusted chicken with rosemary tzatziki; Pearl cous cous,
house preserved lemons, figs, pistachio & spinach
Broccoli, lemon and toasted almonds
Where to start on this delicious dish, everything was just so good! The sumac crusted juicy chicken was cleaned to the bone by my colleague (Ms. Y) and myself.

Man, that preserved lemon and cous cous was just a perfect combination. And with sweet figs, I could eat this salad everyday!! I love the tangy lemon dressing with the broccoli and the nuts they put into almost every salad adds a crunchy element to the dish.

Wild Rice Chocolate Crackle with Beetroot Powder $2
We finished off with this interesting crackle. I was hit with both sweet and savory flavours, which I don't mind but it was a bit salty for Ms. Y who I brought along with me.

Didn't get to try this but it looks lovely!

This is how the pricing works - $15 for all 4 salads; Chicken + 2 Salads $21 Dine In or $19 Takeaway; Lamb + 2 Salads $19 Dine In or $17 Takeaway.

The price is good considering the excellence of the food, Ms. Y and I walked out feeling very satisfied! They are here till end of March, I would definitely come back to support this place and have that gorgeous cous cous salad again.

Thank you Julie from 6dc for the lovely invite. All comments are based on my own opinions.

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  1. Dear Felicia,

    The sumac crusted chicken sounds awesome and flexibility of combining salads with mains has been around food courts in Asia for yonks. It's about time more cafes in Sydney do that.

    1. I know right! Loved the environment in the cafe too :)

  2. Definitely healthy choice for office ladies/gentlemen! xoxo Ms Yun

  3. Love the look of the white wine braised lamb!

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