Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Butler - Delicious meal and cocktails with a view

Eatery: The Butler
Address: 123 Victoria St Potts Point NSW 2011
Phone: 8354 0742
Opening Hours: Monday - Tuesday 4:00pm-11:00pm; Wednesday - Saturday 12:00pm-12:00am; Sunday 12:00pm-10:00pm
Must Try: Tabasco prawns, mango salsa, coconut quinoa

Finally trying The Butler out after seeing so many pictures on social media. It is located in Potts Point/The Cross and are owned by the Applejacks who operates Bondi Hardware, SoCal and The Botanist. I came at near end of March for a super belated work Christmas party which started off with rounds of cocktails!!

The menu is extensive so we decided to have the chef's picked banquet menu which was $55pp.

Cured meats, rillettes, pate, pickles, toast

Loved the flavour of the pate and pickles, it went well with the crunchy toast. This came out with Olive, garlic, herbs & chilli and Warm Bread, rosemary butter. No photos because we devoured in it as soon as it arrived. Both dishes were tasty, especially the rosemary butter - just couldn't stop spreading it on the bread.

Beef & spiced pork slider, creole mayo
The bioche was nice & soft but the patty kind of lacked flavour. Lucky there was cheese and delicious mayo!

Tabasco prawns, mango salsa, coconut quinoa
I LOVED this dish, the tabasco complemented mango but both didn't cover the taste of prawns. Totally didn't expect this dish to look at this though! I had envisioned it to be prawns on a smear of mango salsa.

Steak frites (sirloin), parsley butter, tapenade
I can't eat too much beef so I gave this a pass but my colleagues said it was nicely cooked and the butter was more-ish.

Creole spiced lamb ribs, walnuts, olives, fennel
By this time, my stomach was near full but the spice aroma from the ribs seemed to opened up more space! The meat fell off the bone as soon as I cut them. 

Fried cauliflower, silverbeet, currants, spiced almonds
Finally some vegs! The cauliflower was lightly fried and was a bit crispy outside while soft inside. YUM! Loved the crunchiness from the almonds.

Crisp pork belly, mushroom crepinette, lentils $20
This wasn't on the banquet menu but we all decided that it was too good to not try out. It didn't disappoint at all. The meat was succulent and HELLO crackling :D

Parfait, raspberry and honeycomb
No meal is complete without desserts :) The desserts aren't included in the banquet either.
The parfait was light and loved the fresh berries in it. This is a better dessert to finish off a heavy lunch!

Their cocktails are very refreshing and the flavours were awesome. Have to try their espresso martini next time I come because the table next to us ordered 20 of them!

Obligatory shot of inside The Butler!

The service was good, all the waitstaff were attentive, as soon as we were nearly finishing a drink, they will come and ask if another one is needed. Their cocktails were so addictive! I love this venue, it was chilled and fancy at the same time. The decor reminds me of a garden party :) Yup, I'll come back for sure!


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  1. Love the name of this place! Cocktails look heavenly delicious. I so want to try the tabasco prawns because it has MANGO in it. I love mango!

    1. I love mango too hehe! Their cocktails are so good

  2. The tabasco prawns looks like some kind of soup!

  3. That parfait has my name all over it as well as the cocktails :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. That parfait has my name all over it as well as the cocktails :D


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