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117 Dining - Asian Influenced Fine Dining

Restaurant: 117 Dining at InterContinental Sydney
Address: 117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 9253 9000
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 6:30 – 10:30 am, 12:00 – 3:00 pm, 6:00 – 10:30 pm

Intercontinental's buffet is one of my favorite as their seafood is always fresh so I've always wondered what their dining will be like. Finally I had a chance to try it out and the whole dining experience was amazing.

Pork Jowl, pickled veg and miso mustard
For amuse bouche, we had the pork jowl. At first sight, it seemed a bit heavy for an amuse bouche but this is not the case at all.

The pork simply melted in my mouth and the pickled veg increased my appetite for the delicious meal to come. What's more, It was like eating a lollipop hehe.

Hutt River Marron Crayfish with persimmon, whipped lardo,
konbu and smoked caviar $29
I've always loved marron because it's so freshly sweet and this one doesn't disappoint. The smoked caviar enhanced the sweetness. Soo good!

Chard Queensland Scallop with lolligo squid, black garlic,
sweet potato, ages cheddar emulsion and quinoa $32
Beautifully cooked scallops was perfect with black garlic which wasn't overpowering. Totally didn't expect the innocent looking emulsion to have such a strong cheddar taste! Loved it with the quinoa.
The entrees came with a glass of Chardonnay which smells like passionfruit

Tajima beef wagyu striploin with slow cooked short ribs,
foraged mushroom, sunchoke and black sesame cake $39
The beef was cooked medium rare as promised, it was so succulent and delicious. The mushrooms absorbed the sauce from the protein which made it even more tasty.

Sesame roasted bar cod with baby turnip, roasted lettuce,
smoked pippies, daikon and jamon $37
How pretty does this look! The broth had an intense jamon flavour which complemented with the sweet roasted lettuce and daikon. I enjoyed eating the perfectly cooked cod and smoked pippies!

Grima's farm veg garden $9
Kipfler potato with roasted garlic,
chipotle peppers and thyme $9
Hello crispy potatoes! I can never ever get enough of potatoes cooked in any way so my eyes were glittering when these lovely things arrived on our table.

They taste as good as they look! The chipotle sauce had a kick in it which made the whole dish even better :)

Pickled ginger cream, lime cream, coconut cream
and poppy seed cream
This perfect palate cleanser was out of this world, it has most of my favourite things in it. I firstly took a spoonful of lime and coconut together and was surprised by the lovely tang. Then the ginger cream came and I loved it.

The Fairy Floss with Chestnut cream, cassis, shortbread,
french meringue, vanilla chantilly delight $16
We were told that we HAVE to order this for dessert, of course we listened to the ones who knows the restaurant food the most.

The fairy floss is like Aqua S, it gets a bit messy in the end. I absolutely ADORED the chestnut cream, if you give me a whole bowl of it, I'll finish it in no time! The dessert on the whole wasn't overly sweet.

Jasmine creme brulee with banana puree, banana bread soil,
caramelized banana and banana sorbet $16
This was a tad sweet than the other one. Definitely can taste the jasmine in the creme brûlée and it actually went well with all the banana elements.

117 dining has an individual entrance outside the intercontinental hotel and you can also enter via the buffet entrance. Big thanks to Lani from prWorks for giving me a chance to enjoy this delicious meal! The staff were really nice and attentive and it's a great place for a romantic dinner. The boy and I loved the dinner and would most definitely come back.



Disclaimer: Next Stop: Food was invited to 117 Dining by Lani from prWorks. All comments are however based on my own thoughts.

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  1. the pork powl looks really good!

  2. The chestnut creme sounds incredible. And lol fairy floss is always a deliciously messy affair!

    1. Gotta love chestnuts :) lol yes.. fairy floss always end up messy!


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