Saturday, August 08, 2015

Ragamuffin - Delicious Steam Baked Muffins

Cafe: Ragamuffin 
Address: 157 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040 and Miranda Westfield Shopping Centre
Opening Times: Mon - Sun 7am-3pm

Ok so.. It's been awhile since I've blogged but I'm back! During these 2 freezing cold months, I've ate (of course), started studying again, worked and went to Melbourne. Melbourne posts coming up soon :) 

Choc-Banana peanut butter - choc chips, banana custard,
peanut butter, chocolate ganache, pretzel crumb
Ragamuffin is a cafe that I've been going to at least once a month for the past 8 months, it's about time I blog about it! It is located in Leichhardt and they're famous for their steam baked muffins. They steam the muffins before baking them so it's never dry. What I really LOVE is the tasty surprise custard in almost every muffin and none of them are overly sweet.

Specials: Caribbean Queen 
Their muffins are $4.50 and sometimes they have specials which they will post on their facebook page.

Miranda Store

They recently opened up another shop in Miranda's shopping centre, so convenient for those who live in the south!

Indian Summer - Cinnamon and ginger spices,
Sticky Chai custard, pistachio crumbs
My very first Ragamuffin experience which lured me going for more and more. I like my Chai Tea because of the cinnamon and other spices and that sticky Chai custard is spot on! It's wrapped between a lovely cinnamon spiced batter. My eyes lit up when I had this beautiful muffin.

If you love your peanut butter banana toast, you'll fall in love with this! It's like eating a toast in muffin form and what's more, there's choc chips hidden in it :) 

Spotted Dick - Sultanas, lemon zest, vanilla custard, sugar crust
This is slightly sweeter than most other muffins because of its sugar crust. The lemon zest helps to cut though the sugar.

Pear & rhubarb crumble - pain depices base, vanilla custard,
pear & rhubarb jam, butternut biscuit crumb
The custard and jam goes well with the slightly spiced muffin. I like the different texture from the crumbs.

Lychee, lime & coconut - Vanilla cheesecake base,
lychee lime custard, rolled in coconut
Another one of my favourites! What can go wrong with the combination of lychee, lime and coconut, it brings back Summer memories (please can this miserably cold weather go away soon..). The custard is simply delish.

Pashmore - Passionfruit cheesecake base,
passionfruit custard, passionfruit glaze
This is also one of my favourites and my mum & step dad requests for this. That passionfruit custard is to die for - a little tangy and not too sweet - so so good!

Pink lemonade - lemon curd, raspberry jam,
rolled in sherbet
This is literally like eating lemonade! The tangy lemon curd and the slight fizz from sherbet - yum! 

Banana, oat & blackberry - blackberries, cinnamon,
banana, chai soaked oats
I believe this is the only one that doesn't have a custard centre. You can see the juicy berries bursting as you eat towards the centre. It's plain but the flavours are there. It's also very healthy too because there's oats in it.

They also offer savoury muffins which I've yet to try.

Ragamuffin not only makes good muffins, their coffee is excellent too! I personally like going to the dog friendly park near the shop to have my muffin and coffee while soaking up the sun.


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  1. Out of all the muffins that you've tried, what's your favourite muffin ?:)

    1. Very hard decision but currently it's the peanut butter and banana muffin!

  2. oooh that pink lemonade muffin sounds amazing!

    1. It is !! I thought it'd be too sweet but it's not :D

  3. Love that they have so many unusual muffin flavours here. The PB & banana sounds delicious - and fun!

  4. The muffins are seriously damn awesome - the peanut butter and sticky date are my faves.

    1. OOo I'll have to try their sticky date next time hehe


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