Hello Everyone!

This blog was created by four girls - Candice, Cassie, Felicia and Jess. The blog was created in 2012 and it was created to share our love for food. The conversation was brought up during a delicious serving of alpaca. The idea was implemented and we went ahead and created this very blog, you are on right now.

Jess, Cassie, Candice and Felicia

We all love our food and enjoy going to our local eateries and also the occasional expensive restaurant.  You will see us try a variety of foods and also the occasional cooking at home.

In May 2014 the blog went from four girls to two, as Candice and Cassie decided to pursue their own careers and interests. You can read about Candice and Cassie below.

Felicia and Jess are continuing Next Stop: Food and we hope you still enjoy reading our posts and updates. We want to provide the same quality Next Stop: Food has produced throughout these years and we will continue the legacy of us four who originally started the blog.

Our goal moving forward is to continue posting food, events and services. We want to expand the blog to its full potential and continue to share our food and experiences. We want to be able to run more giveaways for our readers and we have just introduced a new “one off guest post” system. (Please read our “Contact us” page for more details).

We hope you enjoy reading our blog, as much as we enjoy sharing our love for food. 

If you would like to follow Next Stop: Food, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are always active on the social media networks. 

If that’s not enough, you can follow Felicia and Jess on their own personal instagram. 

If you would like to contact Next Stop: Food, you can shoot an email to them at nextstopfood@gmail.com


May 2014: Both Cassie and Candice decided it was time they pursue their own personal goals and had to bid a goodbye to their little two year old toddler, Next Stop: Food.

They have had shared plenty of good times and food with Next Stop: Food but have both moved onto their own field of studies and work.

If you would still like to follow and see what mishaps these two mischief munchkins are up to, you can find Candice on instagram or Cassie on her personal blog at Journey From Within or instagram.

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